New Bicycle Bill Should Renew Philadelphia’s Love of Stu Bykofsky Jokes

Philadelphia Weekly reports that a new bill before City Council will require both bicyclists and drivers to treat each other with respect on the city’s streets. “The bill … will increase and create fines for both bicyclists and motorists who break the law to spite each other,” the paper writes. “For instance, parking a car in a bike lane would bring a $50-to-$75 fine. And opening a car door into bike traffic would result in ‘the same penalty as under state law.’ Similarly, ‘non-parking violations of bike rules,’ like sidewalk riding or riding down the wrong side of the street, or God forbid, running a red light, will get you a $3 to $75 violation.” How will this play with Daily News columnist Stu Bykofsky, the city’s most vocal bike curmudgeon? We assume his response will be fabulously curmudgeonly. [Philadelphia Weekly]