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Christopher Columbus

City Life

OPINION: Let’s Make History and Abolish Columbus Day in Philly

When news broke last month that Los Angeles was joining Seattle and Denver in removing Columbus Day from its city calendar, I looked to see what […]

City Life

Petition Calls for Removal of Christopher Columbus Monument at Penn’s Landing

Ah, Columbus Day. It’s an occasion that brings with it two guaranteed things: annoying observances (I had three checks to deposit this morning and I […]

City Life

This Is the Monster Celebrated on Columbus Day

A version of this story ran in 2014. Imagine that a man who tortured, raped and murdered innocent people and then robbed them of their homes […]

City Life

Utley Suspended for Controversial Slide

Good morning, Philadelphia. Here’s what you need to know today: The Dodgers’ Chase Utley has been suspended two games for a controversial slide that broke […]

City Life

It’s Time for Philadelphia to Take Down Its Own Symbol of Hatred

On Monday, the right-thinking people of the Union let out a collective you go girl when South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley called for the removal […]

City Life

This Is the Monster We Celebrate on Columbus Day

A version of this story ran in 2012. Imagine, if you will, that the man who murdered your entire family, raped your daughter, sister, and […]