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Chip Kelly, Nick Saban Connect At Senior Bowl

When Nick Saban arrived Monday afternoon at Fairhope Stadium — the site of the first Senior Bowl practice — the whole atmosphere changed. Donning an Alabama-red sports coat with an “A” pin on the lapel, Saban strolled onto the sidelines as a wave of media began forming around him. Kids yelled from the stands: “Look, it’s him!”

There was no question whose state we were in.

After a brief session with reporters, Saban was swiftly escorted by Eagles public relations to where Chip Kelly was standing. Kelly wanted to use the opportunity to catch up with the Alabama coach. The two  took in practice together and talked for about 15-20 minutes before Saban disappeared out of site.

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Coaching Buzz: Herrmann Withdraws Name From DC Search

Some news to pass along regarding the Eagles’ coaching search, which we now know will no longer include Jim Herrmann.

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Five Observations: An Eagles Slant To the Playoffs

Tim and I landed in Mobile Sunday afternoon. We missed the first half of the Falcons-49ers game, but after taking a ride on Bass Pro Drive, we found a spot the locals affectionately refer to as Beef’s.

That’s where we took in the second half of the NFC title game, along with the Ravens’ win over the Patriots.

Good service, good food – even for a vegetarian like myself.

Here’s the weekly playoff post – five observations on the postseason, with an Eagles slant.

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Chip Kelly Needs to Focus on Defense for Eagles to Win

Eagles fans who feared new head coach Chip Kelly was planning to use the run-n-shoot, wishbone or single wing schemes on offense beginning next season […]

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Banner: We Felt Kelly Was Too Big Of a Gamble

The Cleveland Browns were the first team to get to Chip Kelly.

Joe Banner and company met with Kelly in Arizona on the Friday after the Fiesta Bowl. Reports surfaced that night that the two sides were close to a deal. But on Saturday, the Eagles got their shot and made the most of it. It seemed that Jeffrey Lurie and Howie Roseman had one-upped Banner for the guy both sides viewed as the top option on the market.

But that’s not exactly how Banner sees it.

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Reid Still Haunting Eagles; Andy’s Old Pal Tapped to Lead Birds’ Offense

Andy Reid just won’t go away. Just as the Eagles were breaking free from a good relationship gone stale, new head coach Chip Kelly has […]

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Eagles Wake-Up Call: Three Questions About Shurmur

What does the reported hiring of Pat Shurmur mean for the Eagles, and what does it say about the start of the Chip Kelly era? Our readers ask the pertinent questions, and we try to answer them:

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Report: Kelly Names Pat Shurmur Offensive Coordinator

Chip Kelly‘s staff will have a little Andy Reid flavor to it.

The Eagles will name Pat Shurmur offensive coordinator, according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

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Chip Kelly And the Speed Philosophy

Chip Kelly called himself an “equal opportunity scorer”  Thursday, explaining that he is not married to a specific scheme but is more interested in tailoring his attack to fit his personnel. The more you accentuate your players’ strengths, the thinking goes, the better chance you have of putting points on the board. There is more flexibility in his design than many would have you believe.

But surely there are some philosophies that are non-negotiable — like Kelly’s desire to operate at break-neck speed.

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Report: Eagles Interviewing Herrmann For DC Job

There’s a new name in the mix for the Eagles’ defensive coordinator job: Jim Herrmann.

Herrmann, who has been the Giants’ linebackers coach for the past four seasons, is interviewing with Chip Kelly and company, according to a report.

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Howie Roseman: Chip Kelly’s a ‘Trend-Setter’

As the Eagles’ brass introduced their new head coach Thursday afternoon, they wanted to make one thing clear: Chip Kelly was not being hired for his offensive scheme.

Since Kelly’s name first started to get linked to NFL head-coaching jobs, many have debated whether his spread-option attack would work at this level. But really, that is the wrong question.

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Reports: Oregon DL Coach Azzinaro To Join Eagles

Chip Kelly has not officially named any new members to his coaching staff.

But according to multiple reports, Kelly is expected to bring Oregon defensive line coach Jerry Azzinaro with him.

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The Latest On the Eagles And Todd Grantham

Word on Todd Grantham may come down soon.

The belief from the University of Georgia side is that Chip Kelly has already spoken with the  Bulldog’s defensive coordinator, and will make a decision as early as Friday on whether he is the right fit. If the job is offered, Grantham is expected to take it.

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Chip Kelly Searches For Defensive Coordinator

Now that the introduction is in the books, Chip Kelly can focus on filling out his coaching staff.

His most important hire very well could be at defensive coordinator. Kelly indicated Thursday that he’ll be involved with the defense from Monday to Saturday. But on Sunday, he’ll let the coordinator do his job.

“Specifically on gameday, I don’t believe you can have someone micromanage it,” Kelly said. “When I was an offensive coordinator, I was fortunate that the two head coaches that I coached for allowed me to work. We’ll have discussions during the week about where we’re going with things, but on gameday, those guys have to be able to not worry about who is second-guessing them and who is over their shoulder. If I do have to second-guess them, and I do have to look over their shoulder, then I hired the wrong person.”

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Avant’s Advice: ‘Just Do As He Says’

Jason Avant‘s first impression of Chip Kelly actually came second-hand. When he pulled up to the NovaCare complex gates Thursday, the security guard was raving about the new head coach.

“He was like, ‘Hey man, did you meet Chip Kelly yet? He’s a great guy,'” said Avant.

“For him to say that, he had to come out of his car or stop and talk to him, so that says a whole bunch about him.”

Avant then went in to meet Kelly himself, and came away impressed. He was one of a handful of Eagles on the premises to greet Andy Reid‘s successor.