Reid Still Haunting Eagles; Andy’s Old Pal Tapped to Lead Birds’ Offense

Andy Reid just won’t go away. Just as the Eagles were breaking free from a good relationship gone stale, new head coach Chip Kelly has hired back a member of Reid’s braintrust to run his offense: former quarterbacks coach Pat Shurmur. Shurmer’s spent his last two years coaching the Cleveland Browns, and before that, was O.C. for the Rams. The stats, as Birds 24/7 notes, aren’t overwhelming.

The Browns ranked 30th and 24th, respectively, in scoring offense with Shurmur at the helm. The Rams ranked 32nd and 26th with Shurmur as the offensive coordinator.

The Eagles will also reportedly hire fan favorite Duce Staley to coach running backs, while Ted Williams, who occupies that position now, will coach tight ends. Plus ca change… [Birds 24/7]