Eagles Wake-Up Call: Three Questions About Shurmur

What does the reported hiring of Pat Shurmur mean for the Eagles, and what does it say about the start of the Chip Kelly era? Our readers ask the pertinent questions, and we try to answer them:

From @Eagles_Tarheels: Do you like the Shurmur hiring? It seems like an odd choice for OC? Shurmur being a wco guy and all. Thoughts? Sheil and I are in Mobile for the Senior Bowl, and hope to speak with Kelly this afternoon. We’ll have a clearer picture then. But my initial reaction is similar to yours: I find the pairing a little odd at first glance. Shurmur is rooted in the West Coast offense, and he doesn’t exactly scream new-wave.

I believe it has something to do with Shurmur’s level of experience (he’s been in the bigs since ’99). Kelly might be able to change the NFL. But in order to break the rules, you must first know what those rules are.

“You have to rely on people that have been there before,” said Kelly, “and we understand that.”

I also think this has something to do with Andy Reid. Kelly and Reid built a rapport during the Eagles’ coaching search, and it appears a trust was established. Reid was rumored to be interested in bringing Shurmur to Kansas City with him. That never came to pass, but it would be of no surprise if Reid endorsed Shurmur for the Eagles’ OC gig.

From @Nick_Ellis_: If Shurmur rumors are true is it an indication that CK is leaning towards Foles? I understand why people are trying to make a connection to Shurmur and a specific quarterback, but I think that’s a little premature.

Last we talked to Kelly, he was preparing to go through Eagles’ game tape to develop a more informed opinion on the quarterback situation. Are we to believe that he has since cemented such a firm stance that he would name an offensive coordinator off these initial impressions? Seems like a stretch to me. The Eagles’ organization is looking big picture right now. I would put the odds in favor of Nick Foles being on this roster over Michael Vick, but I don’t think Shurmur’s hiring is a reflection of that. Kelly has to believe that Shurmur is buying into the long-term vision. Don’t get caught up in what it means for a specific player in the here and now.

From @Brandon_Ray9: Will Chip Kelly call plays?

That is the consensus, yes. Though Kelly is a big proponent of letting his coaches coach.

“We’ll have discussions during the week about where we’re going with things, but on game day, those guys have to be able to not worry about who is second guessing them and who is over there shoulder,” said Kelly. “If I do have to second guess them and I do have to look over their shoulder, then I hired the wrong person.”

The lead-in question was about the defensive side of the ball, but Kelly seemed to be talking in more universal terms. Whoever ultimately calls the plays, it is safe to say that it will look like Kelly’s brand of ball regardless.


Kelly is set to make Shurmur his offensive coordinator.

Birds 24/7 heads to Mobile, Alabama.

Kelly might be willing to make some concessions, but not when it comes to operating at break-neck speed. 


National Football Post has eight offensive players to watch at the Senior Bowl. Local product Ryan Nassib is at the top of the list.

 Quick and athletic to avoid pressure, re-set and make accurate throws, Nassib has NFL teams intrigued. After charting out Nassib in five games we consider him to be the best quarterback in the 2013 NFL Draft and worth drafting with the first overall pick, so we are excited to see how he does in Mobile.

Kelly’s deal turned out to be pretty sweet:

The Eagles made Chip Kelly one of the highest-paid coaches in the NFL, giving him a five-year contract worth $32.5 million, a league source told ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter.

The lucrative deal, which is worth $6.5 million annually, was a crucial factor in Kelly’s decision to join the Eagles after originally deciding to remain at Oregon, according to the source.

Bobby April lands on his feet, taking a job as the Raiders special teams coach.


Day 1 of Senior Bowl practices. We’re hoping to speak with Kelly and Howie Roseman.