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Bike Rage


I Love My Job: Philly Bike Messenger Joe Cox

If you’ve spent any significant amount of time riding around in Center City, you’ve probably encountered Philly bike messenger Joe Cox, who, with his bright […]

City Life

Only One Third of Center City Workers Drive to Their Jobs

Looks like millennials aren’t the only ones driving less these days—at least in Center City. According to a survey from the Center City District, just […]

City Life

Bicyclist Hits Pedestrian, Gets Arrested in South Philly

Somewhere in Philadelphia, Stu Bykofsky is saying, “I told you so.” Around 9 p.m. last night, a drunken bicyclist smashed into a female pedestrian at […]

City Life

Project To Identify Philly Bike Theft Hot Spots, Will Include “Everywhere.”

KYW Newsradio reports on a project to identify the spots in town where you’re most likely to get your bike stolen. Tyler Dahlberg is the […]

City Life

I Tried New York’s Bike Share

Over the weekend, I tested New York’s weeks-old CitiBike bike share program. An unhealthy amount of my time was spent idling at intersections, bashfully deflecting […]

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Will Pittsburgh Get Bike Share Before Philly?

Steeltown’s been angling for a bike share program since 2011, when Mayor Luke Ravenstahl got inspired, zooming around a bi-ped in Minneapolis. Last month, Pittsburgh […]

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WATCH: Philly Bicyclist Get Smacked By Town Car

The BikinginPhilly YouTube channel appears to be the work of a local cyclist who rides around town with a video camera strapped to his or […]

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Yet Another Study Proves Women Are Scared of Bicycles

This past week, The Atlantic published “An Explanation for the Gender Gap in Biking.” I, a bike novice, did not realize that anyone was even […]

City Life

The Complete Streets Bill Passes Through City Council Unanimously

Cyclists, pedestrians and drivers, you’d better all start getting along quick, lest you suffer a grip-up from the long arm of the law. That’s right, […]

City Life

Man Mowed Down by Deranged Cyclist! Then Run Over By Car!

A deeply divided populace. Little room for compromise. A lack of civility. Angry debate and the potential for life-altering consequences. It sounds like the state […]

City Life

Mark Squilla’s Complete Streets Bill Is Good for Cars

This Thursday, City Council’s Committee on Streets and Services will introduce bill 120532, and many cyclists will cautiously rejoice. Better known as Complete Streets, the […]

City Life

New Bicycle Bill Should Renew Philadelphia’s Love of Stu Bykofsky Jokes

Philadelphia Weekly reports that a new bill before City Council will require both bicyclists and drivers to treat each other with respect on the city’s […]

City Life

Lance Armstrong Steps Down From Livestrong, Gets Dropped by Nike

Wow, today is a crappy day to be Lance Armstrong. After being recently stripped of his Tour de France victories because 11 of his teammates […]

City Life

Cyclists Don’t Contribute to Philly’s Economy

“Get out of the road!” “Get off the sidewalk!” These are the kinds of things people who ride bicycles in the city are quite accustomed […]

City Life

A Philly Bike Lane Rises From the Ashes

Back in May and June, lots of folks were up in a huff (I may have been one of them) about a bike lane pilot […]