Bicyclist Hits Pedestrian, Gets Arrested in South Philly

Somewhere in Philadelphia, Stu Bykofsky is saying, “I told you so.” Around 9 p.m. last night, a drunken bicyclist smashed into a female pedestrian at Broad and Ellsworth in South Philly, prompting a trip to the hospital for both travelers. Luckily, officials expect that they’ll be fine, though the cyclist will face charges in the incident.

To all you would-be bombed bikers, zipping down sidewalks, riding the wrong way down one-ways, and blowing stop signs: Quit it, seriously. Stuff like this is why cyclists have such a bad name in this city. After all, assaulting a pedestrian with your ride doesn’t exactly scream “share the road.” And, besides, you should never give Stu Bykofsky a reason to gloat. [ABC]