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BWP Underground Popped Up at Focus Fitness Main Line for Spin, Hot Yoga, and Cool Giveaways

Once again, Be Well Philly Underground hosted a super-fun, super-active pop up workout. This month, we had a bit of choose-your-own-adventure fun at Focus Fitness […]

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5 Things to Know Before You Try Puppy Yoga

Every month Be Well Philly Underground pops up for a (surprise!) workout around town, and this month was no different. Well, this one was a […]

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4 Philadelphia-Area Fitness Studios for TRX Training

Training with TRX isn’t new — the straps, which use body weight for strength training, were invented by a Navy SEAL in 1997 — but […]

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We Did a Surprise Pop-Up Workout at Flywheel — and It Was Insanely Fun

There’s honestly nothing that gets our hearts thumping and competitive side going quite like Flywheel. I mean, what’s better than a post-class ranking to make […]

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5 Drinks to Perk Up Your Afternoon if You’re Avoiding Caffeine

We’ve all experienced the afternoon slump, but as much as we love coffee, drinking it at 4 p.m. isn’t exactly great for a good night’s […]

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Here’s What Happened at Our Free Pop-Up Workout With Barre3

Be Well Underground is back at it in 2018, and We. Are. Pumped. We have an awesome calendar of workouts ahead of us, and we kicked […]

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How to Get a Copy of the Brand New Be Well Philly Print Issue

As we were VERY excited to tell you guys over on Instagram earlier in the week, our 2017 Be Well Philly print issue is here! We’ll let you jump around […]

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Here’s Exactly How Much Coffee You Can Drink Each Day Without Consequence

If you find yourself needing something more along the lines of a coffee bowl than a coffee cup (we feel you), listen up: The folks […]

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The Checkup: How to Stay Energized All Day (Without Downing Buckets of Coffee)

• Fall is a comin’. And while I am overjoyed about the changing leaves and the lack of strangers’ perspiration dripping onto me on the […]

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The Checkup: Lululemon Has an Entire Black Friday Collection

• For all our Lululemon addicts out there, the brand has a limited-edition Black Friday collection, available online and in stores the day after Thanksgiving. […]

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The Checkup: The Vegetarian’s Guide to the Best Store-Bought Veggie Burgers

• We’ve already told you where to get the best veggie burgers at restaurants around Philly and now, this list dishes out the most flavorful, satisfying […]


Super Secret Workout with Be Well Philly & Foobooz

We’re not allowed to say much, but we can say that we’re excited to be part of the next Be Well Philly Underground Event. Be […]


Here’s Where to Get Awesome Organic Beauty Treatments in Philly

When you’re at a spa or salon, the last things you want to think about are scary chemicals. But you should: The gals over at Be […]

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The Checkup: 7 Simple Morning Tweaks to Improve Your Entire Day

• Here, seven insanely simple morning tweaks to drastically improve your day. Yes, please! [Huffington Post]

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Insta-Energy: 30-Seconds of Exercise Can Replace Your Coffee Fix

For many, the mere thought of giving up their daily 2 p.m. latte is enough to cause a full-blown panic attack. But according to an interesting […]