Here’s Where to Get Awesome Organic Beauty Treatments in Philly

Take your pampering without a side of harmful chemicals.


Say spa-aah—organically.

When you’re at a spa or salon, the last things you want to think about are scary chemicals. But you should: The gals over at Be Well Philly uncovered a study about harmful chemicals that are found in everything from antibacterial products to, get this, toothpaste. When you think about the lotions, serums, sprays and oils slathered on your body during a pampering sesh and the possibility that any or all of these might contain tons of bad-for-you chemicals, well, that’s enough to make anyone leap out of the pedi chair.

This doesn’t mean you need to forgo beauty treatments, though. Be Well Philly rounded up eight spots to score great—organic—services in the Philly area, from spray tans to facials. Go here to see the list, and happy spa-ing.