4 Philadelphia-Area Fitness Studios for TRX Training

Training with TRX isn’t new, but a boutique-ified version of it is. Here, classes all around the area where you can give it a go.

TRX class at Torque in Royersford. Photograph by Courtney Apple

Training with TRX isn’t new — the straps, which use body weight for strength training, were invented by a Navy SEAL in 1997 — but a boutique-ified version of it is. Here, classes all around Philly where you should give it a go.

If You Want More Cardio: REVive Studio

225 Lancaster Avenue, Frazer
Holding a plank for 45 minutes sounds, well, impossible. That’s why you’ll find yourself oddly appreciative of the cardio “breaks” that get mixed into the intense TRX training here: You’ll punch the air with three-pound dumbbells and then get right back in the straps for biceps curls and one-legged squats.
They’ve also got: spin, boxing, child care
Drop-in price: $18

If You Like Individual Attention: Urban Front Pilates

1700 Sansom Street, Rittenhouse
This second-story studio has just seven TRX setups, which means you’re guaranteed a small class and, thus, some serious one-on-one attention. Expect to get in a strength training workout that’ll engage every body part — from your hamstrings to your obliques — interspersed with short bursts of cardio thanks to exercises like jumping jacks.
They’ve also got: Pilates, reformer Pilates, barre
Drop-in price: $28

If You Get Bored Easily: BPM Fitness

1808 Spring Garden Street, Fairmount
Be prepared to mix things up here; the two TRX classes are taught in blocks, so you’ll change activities every 30 seconds. Some exercises use TRX straps, while the others will get you squatting with medicine balls, doing plank rows with hand weights and more. Class flies by because you rarely stop moving.
They’ve also got: spin
Drop-in price: $25

If You’re Into Barre: Torque

328 North Lewis Road, Royersford
You know those tiny, barely-there barre moves that make your muscles scream? Torque’s take on TRX relies exactly on this kind of movement, so instead of doing plain old planks, you’re doing them with your feet hoisted up in straps, and in pike position. A recent expansion means there’s now room for 33 TRX strap stations — but be warned: Even the 7:30 Saturday morning class gets packed.
They’ve also got: spin, barre, child care
Drop-in price: $17

Published as “Hang Time” in the March 2018 issue of Philadelphia magazine.