We Did a Surprise Pop-Up Workout at Flywheel — and It Was Insanely Fun

A look at Be Well Philly Underground's February 2018 event.

Sweat, happy Undergrounders. Photograph by Shaun Luberski

There’s honestly nothing that gets our hearts thumping and competitive side going quite like Flywheel. I mean, what’s better than a post-class ranking to make sure you really push yourself during a workout?

That said, we pushed ourselves — like, hard — during last night’s Be Well Philly Underground pop-up workout. By the end, we weren’t so much sweating as showering the ground with perspiration. It was a sweaty, fast-paced, all-out race throughout out 45-minute session with Flywheel Center City’s Jackie Dragone, and we gotta say, it was a total blast. Those who really pedaled their hearts out were rewarded — the top male and female riders each went home with a Sip-N-Glo Juicery tumbler.

At the check-in table, riders could pick up some Essentia water and a Verizon tote bag. Photograph by Shaun Luberski.

Photograph by Shaun Luberski.

The top male and female riders received Sip-N-Glo tumblers. Photograph by Shaun Luberski.

Afterwords, we chugged some Essentia water and walked on shaky legs to Sip-N-Glo’s samples table, where we taste-tested their Pineapple Charcoal Lemon-Aid (looks like chimney scrapings, tastes like candy) and the Green Beast juices. Then everyone had a chance to enter to win some phone cases from our awesome sponsor Verizon (who also gave everyone a free tote. Score!), and a Sip-N-Glo gift card.

Water was a must-have during this very intense 45-minute ride. Photograph by Shaun Luberski.

Riders clipped in and ready to ride with Flywheel’s Jackie Dragone. Photograph by Shaun Luberski.

The workout included a all-class races and a mini arm workout. Photograph by Shaun Luberski.

This workout was the February 2018 installment of our BWP Underground series, for which, each month we pop up for a super-secret, FREE workout, thanks to our sponsor Independence Blue Cross. It’s only open to members, who get an email to sign up a few days in advance. But the good news is, if you missed this one, you can totally join the list before the next one. Just head to our Underground site, enter your info, and get ready to pounce on the next announcement!

Afterwards, riders refueled with Sip-N-Glo. Photograph by Shaun Luberski.

The winners of our Verizon and Sip-N-Glo giveaways. Photograph by Shaun Luberski.

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