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City Life

Philly’s Drug Problems Are Probably Bigger Than You Think

The Washington, D.C.-based Drug Enforcement Administration has released its 2015 National Drug Threat Assessment Summary, and Philadelphia doesn’t exactly come out looking like the Next […]


“Heroin Antidote” Nasal Spray Gets FDA Approval

Heroin usage has reached epidemic proportions in the United States — and families in Philadelphia have certainly been feeling its wrath. In fact, deaths nationally […]

City Life

You Are More Likely to Die from a Drug Overdose Than a Car Accident in PA

Washington D.C.-based organization Trust for America’s Health has released a new study that indicates that Pennsylvanians are more likely to die from a drug overdose […]

City Life

Pa. State Police Will Carry Anti-Overdose Drug

Gov. Tom Wolf formally announced today that Pennsylvania State Police will start carrying a drug that helps reverse heroin overdoses. Naloxone — also known as […]


Michael Solomonov Reveals That He’s a Recovering Crack Addict

Last July, Michael Solomonov sat down with Philly Mag’s John Marchese and revealed that he’d battled addiction problems: [Solomonov] told a story of spiraling into […]

City Life

Son of Harry Jay Katz Found Philip Seymour Hoffman Dead

Nearly 20 years after Harry Jay Katz found a woman dead in his East Falls hot tub, playwright David Bar Katz, his son, found Philip […]

City Life

Marijuana is Legal In Colorado. So When Will America’s Super-Racist Drug War End?

According to a 2013 report by the ACLU, blacks are almost four times more likely than whites to be arrested for marijuana possession. It’s a […]

Heroin injection

Meet Krokodil, the Dangerous New Drug Narcotics Officers Really Hope Doesn’t Make it to Philadelphia

These days, it’ll cost you anywhere from $10 to $50 to get high off of Oxycontin, depending on the size of the pill and the […]

City Life

Everything You Need to Know About Legalizing Marijuana

I would like to respond to yesterday’s post by fellow Philly Post-er Beth Capriotti wherein she rhetorically threw her hands up in the air in […]

City Life

Like Rap Music and Twerking, I Don’t Get the Legalize-Pot Movement

The writing is on the wall, it seems. Pot is going mainstream. The momentum seems to be squarely behind the efforts of those who advocate […]

Be Well Philly

Country’s First Internet-Addiction Treatment Center Opens Today in PA

When you hear the phrase “Internet addiction,” your first instinct might be to laugh it off as a #firstworldproblem rather than consider it a real […]

City Life

Bradford Regional Medical Center to Offer Internet Addiction Treatment Program

Are you a karma junkie? Memes Got You Hooked? Chasing the Youtube dragon endlessly? If so, consider checking into the nation’s very first internet addiction […]

City Life

Kermit Gosnell to Plead to Federal Drug Charges

Kermit Gosnell, mostly known as the abortion doctor who murdered born-alive babies in his West Philadelphia clinic, will reportedly plead today on a separate list […]

City Life

Obama’s New War on Drugs Is the Old War on Drugs

Given the way things have been going lately, you might figure that the 42-year-old War on Drugs, hallelujah, is over. Nationally, we’ve seen a rebirth […]

Be Well Philly

Adderall: The Drug That Parents Want Their Kids to Use (Even If They Don’t Medically Need It)

I never wanted my kids to do drugs. Except for one drug: Adderall. I was curious about its purported ability to improve a user’s focus […]