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5 Workouts That Deserve a Beer

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So, you just got home from a long day at work and you’re eyeing a cold one in the fridge to take the edge off. You work hard and you deserve that beer, however, the holidays are right around the corner, which means that at the moment, your calories are on a tighter budget than usual.

Here’s the good news. Because a lot of beers weigh in at 150-200 calories a pint, we’ve put together a variety of workouts that will burn just as many calories so that you can keep your beer belly at bay this holiday season.

You don’t need a gym membership or any kind of special equipment to get outside and go for a jog. All you need is a pair of sneakers and some headphones for those of you who like to rock out while you run. A 25-minute jog will burn about 218 calories, which means you’ll have worked off that end-of-the-day brew in no time.

Jump Rope
Jumping rope is not only a schoolyard pastime but it’s also a great cardio workout that will get your heart rate going. In 15 minutes you can burn 200 calories therefore, it won’t take too long to hop off those hops. We even put together a long run inspired Spotify playlist to get you going.

Your college friends always said that you could drink like a fish, so maybe swimming will come naturally to you. Only 30 minutes of kicking around in the pool will burn about 215 calories, so finish those laps and your beer will be waiting for you.

Stair climbing
Climbing stairs is a convenient and accessible workout that anyone can do, regardless of fitness level. Since this workout challenges both your anaerobic and aerobic systems, it can burn a lot of calories in a little bit of time (about 180 calories in 20 minutes, to be relatively exact). Climbing helps tone your quads, glutes, hamstrings, calves and core; cute holiday cocktail dresses are a perfect match for this workout.

Add some weights to your workout and the beer calorie will be a distant memory. This core-burning workout builds strength, melts fat and increases endurance — hence the reason it’s one of our favorites. Pick up a set of kettlebells and you’ll have a 200 calorie workout down in 10 minutes or less.

Congrats you’ve earned yourself a beer or maybe more than just 1! Michelob ULTRA has only 95 calories so choose Michelob Ultra and you’ve actually just earned two. From here on out, the term “bottle-conditioning” will likely take on a whole new meaning.