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5 Ways This Philly Nurse (and Wellness Blogger!) Is Practicing Self-Care Right Now

Jas Nguyen

The past few months have challenged everyone, particularly healthcare workers. That’s why the wellness advice from Jas Nguyen, a labor and delivery nurse here in Philly, proves especially inspiring. The health blogger loves sharing her attainable tips and tricks for finding balance in the face of stress.

“I am all about taking care of yourself and feeling good so you can always show up as your best self,” she says. “I try to do things every day that make me feel good, even if it is something so small like making my bed or getting fresh air.” Get grounded with Jas this month during the virtual event series Be Well Yoga Flow, but in the meantime, steal her top tips for staying healthy at home right now:

Reward yourself after a workout with a favorite snack.

After starting off the day with a HIIT workout or yoga flow, Jas always fuels back up with something quick, healthy and yummy. “My go-to’s are dates stuffed with peanut butter, a chocolate berry protein smoothie or avo toast with a smashed hard-boiled egg on top,” she says. “Don’t forget the EBTB seasoning!”

Get mindful while stretching—even if it’s just for one pose.

When all you have is a few minutes, there’s nothing wrong with practicing one favorite stretch. “I love child’s pose!” Jas says. “I know it sounds silly but there is something so grounding about this pose that instantly makes me feel calm and secure.”


Walk outside for at least five minutes every day.

With more work-from-home hours and fewer outings, it’s easy to get stuck inside. That’s why Jas always makes time to get a little fresh air on a walk. “It’s an instant refresher,” she says. “I will usually go early morning or middle of the day to clear my head. I like to walk along the river trail!”

Reconnect with friends virtually for drinks.

With the restrictions on in-person gatherings, now’s a great time to catch up with friends from far away. “My best girlfriends from college and I schedule a virtual happy hour every week to catch up on life and each time we instantly get lost in conversation and pick up right where we left off,” Jas says. “We’ll grab our favorite beverage, mine being a Michelob ULTRA, and start talking nonstop.” They’ve even done virtual cooking classes together to mix it up.

Exercise your creative side with a DIY project. 

After moving to a larger apartment and realizing she’d need some new pieces to fill the space, Jas took the opportunity to roll up her sleeves. “A lot of my furniture is second-hand items that my boyfriend’s mom and I have refurbished,” she says. “DIY projects get your creative juices flowing!” Her latest endeavor: turning a free armoire into a “barmoire” for those evening happy hours.

Check out the recordings of the virtual event series Be Well Yoga Flow and reward yourself for getting in the flow with a crisp, cold Michelob ULTRA.