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Pump Up Your Routine with This Ultimate Workout Playlist by Fitness Pro, Jayel Lewis


Photo credit: Antrim and Spruce

Sweat season is upon us. As the temperatures spike, your workouts can become increasingly hard to handle. So how can you stay motivated in the middle of a heat wave? With a pretty sweet playlist, that’s how!

To get you started on finding your ideal sweat session sound, we sat down with Jayel Lewis, resident fitness guru at Philly’s new Fitler Club and personal trainer to the most elite local athletes, to learn more about her go-to hits. By day, you can find her on the turf in one of Fitler Club’s signature Turf Training classes, hosting personal training sessions, and building out the club’s health and wellness offerings. By night, she’s diving into her own workouts by hitting up a local class, running the art museum steps with her dog or doing bodyweight circuits outside.  But regardless of where and when she’s working out, there’s one thing she relies on to motivate her movements—music.


“Whether it’s my playlist or someone else’s; movement is my favorite language and the ability to put movements to music is the ultimate motivation for me,” Lewis says. “I like to have a playlist playing in the background 90% of my day.” But to keep that momentum going, you’ve got to give the playlist some depth, according to Lewis.

“My playlist varies based off of my mood and my exercise routine. For a HIIT based workout, my playlist consists mostly of upbeat songs that keep me moving and grooving (even while trying to catch my breath), though I always make sure to include a warm up and cool down song so my body can prepare and recovery properly.” If she’s heading into a restorative routine, she’ll opt for something a little slower and quieter to calm her mind and body.

Whether you’re all about yoga or love hitting up a HIIT session, it’s important to keep your playlist fresh, says Lewis. “It’s always the season to put in work, so my playlists get updated based on new song releases, exercise routines, and my mood, not just every few months.”

But before we dig into her songs of choice, we asked her to share her top wellness tip. “Aim to not only improve the physical self but to establish a stronger mental well-being as well,” Lewis says. “Sweat once a day and nourish your soul from the inside out. If you put in the internal work, the external work will fall into place.” For Lewis it’s all about finding the balance. Discover a workout that makes you happy and reward yourself for a job well done. Hint—if you need a little post workout treat, Michelob ULTRA is only 95 calories, 2.6 carbs per serving. Now onto that workout pump up playlist.

Jayel’s Pumped Up Playlist


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