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Neighborhood Spotlight: Fishtown Offers Relaxed City Living

Fishtown is a well-established section of northeast Philadelphia not far from center city. It is bordered by the Delaware River on the east side and, as it is pie-shaped, by North Front Street and East York Street on the other sides.  While close to downtown, it has the advantages of affordable home ownership in an area that has less congestion.

Jeanne Whipple, a Coldwell Banker Preferred affiliated sales associate, says she has “three reasons” that Fishtown is a good place to buy a home.  “The first reason is its proximity to center city – about 10 minutes by walking, biking or public transportation,” Whipple says.  Additionally, I-95 runs along the river through Fishtown, giving extra commuting opportunities for those whose jobs are outside the area.

“Second is that it is much less-densely-populated than other regions of the city. You feel like you have more personal space,” Whipple says.  “Third, Fishtown has always been a nice neighborhood – not one in transition.  And it’s culturally and economically diverse – truly something for everyone.”

“What I always tell potential home buyers is that Fishtown gives you more value for your dollar,” says colleague Dominic Fuscia, another Coldwell Banker Preferred affiliated sales associate.  “Plus there is more outdoor space than in, say, South Philly, with many homes having larger back yards.   There is also a wide array of homes to choose from, Whipple says – “historic façade row homes, lofts, condos as well as new construction.”

In addition to being close to center city, “it is a very walkable community with lots of restaurants, shops and bars, especially along Girard and Frankford avenues,” says Coldwell Banker Preferred affiliated sales associate, Kristin McFeely, who joins up with Whipple as part of the “Philly Home Girls” team.

There are small parks in Fishtown, including Palmer Burial Ground, a cemetery with a tree-filled park inside it, as well as historic Penn Treaty Park along the Delaware River.  There are regularly scheduled concerts and athletic activities in the parks.

“One of the great things about the neighborhood,” Fuscia says, “is that it has a lot of families who have lived here a long time mixed in with younger residents looking for a vibrant neighborhood.  There is a real feeling of community.”

There are also farmers’ markets scheduled through the summers within easy walking access and even a community supported agriculture or CSA organization.  “And we have a cooperative starting up at Berks and Frankford,” Fuscia says.

Loco Pez and Johnny Brenda’s, which features live music in additional to food, are two restaurants that draw people from across the city on weekends, McFeely says.  But all three sales associates have their own local favorites for dining and shopping.

“Memphis Taproom and Girard, a French bistro, are two good places to start,” Whipple says, “and Lloyd Whiskey Bar has a very knowledgeable staff.”  Fuscia says, “I like La Colombe for coffee, and Kraftwork bar has great beers and foods.  The Soup Kitchen is good for lunch specials.”  McFeely likes to stroll through the antiques shops, such as Jinxed, and the art galleries that line Girard Avenue.

Fishtown is just one of the many attractive neighborhoods and towns that Coldwell Banker Preferred has to offer home buyers in the greater Philadelphia area.  To contact sales associates Whipple, Fuscia and McFeely or to learn more about regional other home-buying options, log on to www.cbpref.com.