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Home Buying Trends: Here’s Where You Should Move Next

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In recent years, we’ve seen a big shift in the Greater Philadelphia real estate scene—making it hard to keep up on the personality and vibe of various regions. Thankfully, Coldwell Banker Preferred offered up some insider knowledge about the existing market and where it’s headed, so you can make an informed decision about your next big move. Based on buying trends they’ve seen in the field, Coldwell Banker Preferred affiliated agents shared their best suggestions for home buyers based on their lifestyle and priorities. Here are some of the home buying hotspots you should consider next based on their best traits and trends:

Fun nightlife, restaurants, and bars within walking distance…

The trend: Millennials have shown a recent interest in making a move to the suburbs. “Millennials love the boroughs!” says Coldwell Banker Preferred affiliated agent Brooke Penders. “With high walkability ratings, access to public transit, downtowns with retail and dining, diversely appealing architecture and proximity to employment hubs, they offer the best of both the urban and suburban lifestyle.”

Conshohocken has such efficient commute times into the city or suburbs, it’s an obvious choice for anyone looking for a little more space. Coldwell Banker Preferred affiliated agent Kerry Carr says, “The walkability, vibe, restaurant and bar scene combined with the diverse selection of home styles (condos, townhouses, twins, single-family) make it an appealing choice for many people.” Plus, there’s plenty of great green spaces, sports leagues and up-and-coming microbreweries and wine bars.

Lansdale is one of the hottest communities. “Within a short walk residents can hit four different coffee shops, craft breweries, ice cream spots and the whole town is very dog-friendly,” insists Coldwell Banker Preferred affiliated agent Sharon Laudenbach.

Convenient commutes, and good school districts…

The trend: Families tend to be in search of the best bang for their buck and a reliable school district. “Most families find their home buying decision is largely driven by school districts,” says Penders. “Deciding which district best meets your family’s needs is a great starting point for finding your next home.”

Fitler Square & Queen Village are cool and convenient options. “Not only are the neighborhoods aesthetically pleasing, they are extremely walkable and centrally located,” says Coldwell Banker Preferred affiliated agent Warren Miller. “They also have incredible schools.” You won’t be sacrificing good school districts for an easier commute, you can have both.

Montgomery County has plenty of outdoor space and larger properties up-for-grabs, making it a great place to grow your family. “There’s top-rated school districts, public libraries, state-of-the-art sports and recreation centers,” says Laudenbach. “Plus, easy access to state parks like Fort Washington and the Wissahickon trail make hiking, biking and walks easier than ever,” says Carr. Add to that the lower taxes than nearby cities, and it’s a win-win-win.

Simplified city-style living…

The trend: Empty nesters no longer feel confined to 55+ communities. They’re branching out and taking a cue from their millennial counterparts in search of “city-style” living. “The biggest thing most empty nesters want is to simplify,” says Penders. “They want everything simplified—taxes, home maintenance, home size, drive times to the beach and grandkids, and minimal yard maintenance—so a lot are ending up in the city.”

Washington Square West has sophisticated style with all of the necessary amenities within easy walking distance. “It’s a beautiful, historic area and completely walkable,” says Miller. “The change in lifestyle takes some adjusting, but who could resist walking to dinner and a show just a few blocks away?”

Chestnut Hill has the charm of a small-town but shops and restaurants with big-city appeal. “I’m seeing a ton of empty nesters downsizing into a town home, twin or condo,” says Laudenbach. Creating a quiet haven within easy access to nightlife, arts and entertainment allows buyers to have it all.

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