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Make your Yard a Masterpiece with these Gold Medal Plants

Looking for a way to spruce up your home garden? Browse this year’s favorite plants from the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society Gold Medal program, and find the best options to kick-start your landscaping project. The big trend in gardens and landscapes in 2014 is to “grow small.” Homeowners in the city and suburbs are looking for ways to create compact green spaces, and the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society has selected some superb options through the PHS Gold Medal program. Sprucing up your home garden has never been easier! Browse the 2014 winners and select some favorites to make your yard pop with color and beauty.

For more than 30 years, the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society has honored and promoted plants of exceptional merit through the PHS Gold Medal program. Nominations come from home gardeners, designers, horticulturists, landscape architects, growers and owners of nurseries–anyone who loves trees, shrubs and vines. For 2014, they have decided to enhance the list with the addition of some workhorse favorites in the perennial category.

“With the widespread use of perennials, this was a good time to recommend a few plants in this category for both sun and shade,” explained Drew Becher, PHS President.

The Gold Medal program has honored and promoted plants of outstanding merit since 1979. The program was established to help homeowners and gardeners learn about superior woody plants to help landscape their own lawns. These plants are evaluated and chosen for their superb eye-appeal, performance, and hardiness in the mid-Atlantic growing region, and will help you expand and improve your home garden.

When you acquire a plant designated a Gold Medal winner, you can be assured the plant will exhibit standards of excellence for pest and disease resistance, as well as ease of growing when planted and maintained appropriately. Gold Medal Plants are also chosen for their beauty through many seasons, whether it be foliage, flower, form or bark. Browse the winners and you’ll find the best options to help design your own home’s outdoor spaces.

You can also come out to Wyndmoor, PA October 23rd through November 6th to see the beautifully landscaped yard of the 2014 Design Home. This year’s home features a beautifully manicured lawn with an innovative landscape design. You’ll want to rush home and start designing your own backyard with the incredible ideas you’ll pick up at the 2014 Design Home. Accent your garden with this year’s Gold Medal plants, and you’ll have a garden that’s the talk of the town!

Gold Medal plants and products are available for purchase at the PHS Store at the Flower Show (February 28-March 8, 2015), and at PHS Meadowbrook Farm in Abington Township, PA. Pick up your tickets for the 2014 Design Home today to tour the home and yard for more gardening inspiration!