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Make “Spring Cleansing” part of your Spring Cleaning

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It’s no secret that detox diets and juice cleanses not only don’t work, but they’re also dangerous. In fact, nutritionists frequently warn against them. This season, we’re all about cleansing our systems the right way. Here are a few ways you can spring clean your well being.

Drink Water

Your hydrated self is also your best self. Drinking water is important for our muscles, digestive systems and energy levels. Staying hydrated also keeps you alert, it aids your joint and cartilage function, helps with weight loss, and powers your workouts. Flush your system with at least eight glasses of water per day – your body will thank you for it.

Eat Clean

Cut out processed foods, added sugar and foods high in saturated fats to start eating clean. Instead, eat whole grains, lean proteins and lots of fruit and veggies. Opt for healthy snacks such as nuts or low-fat yogurt. Cleaning up your diet has a snowball effect on every aspect of your health from your state of mind, to your heart rate, to the amount of energy you have throughout your workouts.

Sweat it Out

Speaking of workouts, sweating not only flushes the body of alcohol, cholesterol and salt but exercise inevitably builds muscle, burns fat and boosts the metabolism – all of which can initiate a healthy “restart” for your wellbeing.  

Breathe In, Breathe Out

Take a few minutes to slowly inhale and exhale. This is a great way to re-center yourself and release any harbored anxiety. Five to 10 minutes of daily deep breathing and meditation can help detox stress hormones, which leads to improved heart health, a clearer mind and potential weight loss.

Sleep Tight

Sleep is an important way for our bodies to hit the reset button at the end of each day. Sleep aids our glymphatic system, which clears away toxins and waste products. Therefore, make sure you’re getting a full eight hours.

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