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Is This the New Fitbit?: The Digital App on the Forefront of Healthcare Innovation

The allure of fitness apps and wearable technology is indisputable (even Tory Burch has thrown her hat into the ring). Folks are enamored with the ease of monitoring their health with instant in-app reports. But while Fitbit is the de facto pick for logging your strides, it’s Rally, an innovative health-tracking tool that goes beyond counting steps, that’s giving it an, ahem, run for its money.

A consumer-engagement platform on myuhc.com, Rally uses helpful tools, gaming mechanics and rewards (hello, incentives) to help engage consumers in their health. To begin using the app, you must take a health survey. This is a simple and fun way to gather information about your eating habits, fitness and other health-related details.

At the end, you see your Rally Age, which tells you how you compare to other people your age — if you’re healthy, it may be lower than your real age. Beware: things might get competitive at the watercooler.

As part of your health profile, Rally provides personalized recommendations to improve any areas in your profile that need work. These personalized activities are called Missions. As you check in for your Mission activity, you earn Rally Coins that you can use for entering sweepstakes for sweet rewards. Additionally, your progress is totally trackable, so you’ll always know how close you are to achieving bragging rights.

How to get it: Rally integrates with employer-sponsored UnitedHealthcare plans, and the base package is delivered at no additional cost to the employer or employee. Rally has the potential to improve the health of a company in a variety of ways, including:

  • Reduced health risks
  • Improved employee productivity
  • Increased engagement with health and wellness programs
  • Increased employee satisfaction
  • Potentially lower medical costs

Now more than ever, people are logging into fitness apps to better their overall health. While surely beneficial for employees, it’s also an enticing prospect for employers: increase team morale and wellness while simultaneously lowering medical costs. Rally is a smart maneuver that complements UnitedHealthcare plans and provides an edge for employees and employers alike.

For more information about UnitedHealthcare employer-sponsored plans that include Rally, click here.