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How to Repair Your Sun-Damaged Hair and Skin for Fall

During the summer, we take all sorts of preventative measures — from lathering on SPF to donning wide-brim hats — to protect our skin and hair from the blazing sun. But come fall, we often abandon these routines, falling victim to the dry, cold air. One way to combat these moisture-sucking forces is by prepping your skin and hair for the season. And that means luxe oil treatments and antioxidant-rich spa services. We promise that the extra prep work you log now will seriously pay off when you have shiny, bouncy locks and plump skin come winter. Frigid winds won’t stand a chance.

At The Rittenhouse Spa & Club you can take a preemptive strike against wind chill with these top-notch services for skin and hair.

Warm Oil Hair and Scalp Treatment // A luxurious treatment for your mane, Paul Labrecque’s Repair Treatment Restorative Hair & Scalp Therapy is an intensive conditioning treatment that will transform your salt- and sun-damaged hair for fall. The lemongrass-scented warm oil treatment is liberally applied to your hair and scalp, and then thoroughly massaged to relieve head and neck tension. Once the deep conditioner has penetrated the follicle and nourished the scalp, your hair will be super-soft and bouncy for weeks to come (read: no static-prone hat head).

Citrus Drench // Like an energy boost for your skin, the Citrus Drench is a vitamin-C-rich body treatment that uses active ingredients to fight aging, firm skin and plump wrinkles, protecting from dryness. During the 60-minute service, vitamin C, soothing crystallized honey, creamy shea butter and orange juice are applied directly to the skin, leaving your body radiant.

Citrus Facial // For added skin-brightening benefits, tack on the Citrus Facial. The facial curbs signs of premature aging and improves the appearance of sun-damaged skin. A practiced esthetician will massage pure vitamin C and a highly concentrated vitamin C serum to your face to ensure a glow-y complexion. Psst: there are no redness-inducing extractions or harsh peels, so schedule this facial for when your skin needs to look extra luminous.

For more information about luxe spa services at The Rittenhouse Spa & Club – Hair by Paul Labrecque, click here.