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What a Wellness Coach Actually Does

Wellness coaching can be ambiguous, and that’s largely because wellness itself is so encapsulating. It’s about eating nutritiously and exercising, of course, but it also addresses remedies for stress as well as the importance of achieving overall mind/body synchronicity. It’s hugely effective in facilitating lasting change as well.

So, how does one go about finding a wellness coach, you may ask? First, it’s essential that your coach is certified, experienced and knowledgeable. Their approach must be holistic with multiple disciplines in mind. Jane Diamond, for example, is the resident Certified Wellcoach at The Rittenhouse Spa & Club – Hair by Paul Labrecque, and has expertise in weight and stress management, nutrition, fitness, mind/body medicine, lifestyle medicine and chronic disease. A multifaceted strategy ensures that results are both lasting and comprehensive.

Here’s how wellness coaching sessions work: Over the course of eight weeks, Diamond applies science-based methodology to clearly define goals, alter unwanted behaviors and develop self-leadership skills (that can mean time management, discipline or self-esteem). From there, you and your coach take the necessary steps from goal setting through goal accomplishment. This could mean gauging your emotional temperature, priming your environment, establishing a support system and/or addressing potential setbacks to resilience and willpower.

We all know fad diets and self-help books rarely, if ever, produce long-term results. So ditch the temporary fixes and opt for the expertise and accountability that comes with a certified wellness coach.

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