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7 Healthy Alternatives to Hot Dogs at Citizen’s Bank Park

Photo credit: Getty Images/Dangubic

Photo credit: Getty Images/Dangubic

Nothing signals the start of spring in Philly like opening day at Citizen’s Bank Park. But downing dollar dogs might not be a great choice for an all-star-worthy meal if part of your spring cleaning includes tidying up your eating habits.

In fact, just last year the International Agency for Research on Cancer classified processed meats (like hot dogs, ham, and bacon) as carcinogens. Which means, yes, even one dog a day can increase your risk of colorectal cancer by up to 18 percent.

These healthy swaps (and the sections to find them in) are pinch hitters for satisfying your hunger while enjoying grand slams and sunny skies.

1. Seeking something green?

Try the salad bar with grilled chicken at Baker Bowl Bistro (section 215), or the Kale Caesar from Harry the K’s (sections 143-145, 243).

2. When you want need a burger…

Opt for leaner cuts of meat like McFadden’s turkey burger (section 127) or Harry the K’s Amish turkey burger. Veg-friendly options like the black bean burger at Harry the K’s or Jake’s Wayback Garden burger are solid non-meat alternatives.

3. If you love pretzels but not gluten…

The Gluten-Free Dedicated Stand in section 126 serves all the ballpark staples — pretzels, cheesesteaks, tenders, and more — completely gluten-free.

4. Craving a sub?

Primo Hoagies (Ashburn Alley) packs their veggie hoagie to the top with delicious, fiber-rich veggies. Add turkey or chicken cutlet (but skip the oil and mayo) for a light, more protein-rich option.

5. The (better) ice cream alternative

When you need something frozen, but ice cream won’t cut it with your diet, go for water ice instead. Stands are scattered everywhere throughout the stadium.

6. Vegan-approved dogs

Going vegan? Veggie dogs at South Philly Market (sections 126, 206 & 318) offers a meat-free alternative to traditional dogs.

7. If it’s a Tuesday night game….

Don’t skimp on tacos. Wahoo’s (left field gate) chicken or veggie tacos are portable, ballpark-friendly bites that won’t send your diet off the rails.

If you’re an Independence Blue Cross member, you can get more tips like this to jumpstart your spring routine by making an appointment with a registered dietician. Plus, for some members, up to six visits to a dietician are included in your plan at no cost.