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Get an Exclusive Look at the All-New 2022 INFINITI QX60 Crossover Showcased at the Rittenhouse Row Festival

Courtesy of Beau Monde Photography

This is a paid partnership with INFINITI and Davida Janae. As told to Philadelphia magazine by Davida Janae.

The 2022 INFINITI QX60 marks a new era for Infiniti’s crossover line. And at the Rittenhouse Row Festival on September 25, the QX60 Autograph AWD model was on display for demos and onlookers. One of those onlookers happened to be Davida Janae, a lifestyle influencer, who posts as @vidafashionista on Instagram. Here, Davida — who recently welcomed her daughter, Cora, into her family — talks about her impressions of the QX60, how it’s a great fit for your everyday needs and why she feels it’s the perfect mix of luxury and convenience.

First Looks

Courtesy of Beau Monde Photography

My first impression of the car was that it’s both beautiful on the inside as it is on the outside with the two-tone obsidian exterior. I definitely think that it was designed with families in mind. You have enough space and can even go on a road trip if you wanted — everyone has their own space and they’re comfortable. I love the shape of the car, too — it’s sleek, sexy and aerodynamic.

Also, the seats are great and so pretty. I love the saddle brown color. They’re like butter — they’re really one of the first things I noticed when I got into the car. Overall, I think the QX60 is a great family car. It would be great for toting people around — especially if you have kids who need car seats! 

Premium Features

Courtesy of Beau Monde Photography

I always talk about “shop smarter not harder.” If you’re going to do luxury, do luxury because it’s lasting. It’s durable. That’s how I feel about the QX60. You may spend a little bit extra, but you’re going to get so much more in the long run and it’s going to be so worth it.

One of the first things I noticed is that the QX60 has Bose speakers. To hear that sound system — I cranked it all the way up when I got in. It’s very impressive. I love the fact that it has climate-controlled seats, too!

Plus, the car has a really big screen for navigation and it’s really cool. A lot of the time with cars, when you put them in reverse they have the camera, but with the QX60, there’s an Around View Monitor that helps you see all around the vehicle. The blind spot warning on the side mirrors is a huge safety feature — it makes a world of difference adding things like that. 

Utility for Everyone

Courtesy of Beau Monde Photography

For me, it’s all about space. I need as much space as possible. A typical four-door sedan isn’t the way to go for me. I definitely think a larger SUV is the way to go, especially if you want a family car. 

The seats in the QX60’s third row can fold down flat, and then the tilt and slide function in the second row means I won’t have to remove a car seat to access that third row.

And while I think the car was designed with families in mind, I could totally see someone who’s single or a bachelor who wants a larger vehicle loving the QX60 for a fun night out. You know, my daughter is too young to go to school now, but when she’s older, I could definitely see myself in the QX60. I’m going to be the cool mom. Everyone is going to want to get into Ms. Davida’s car.

Overall, the QX60 really is an all-in-one. It’s beautiful, it’s functional and it’s just the whole package.

Availability is extremely limited for the 2022 INFINITI QX60. Contact your local retailer for inventory information.

Around View Monitor cannot eliminate blind spots and may not detect every object. Drivers should always turn and check surroundings before driving. See Owner’s Manual for safety information.

Blind Spot Warning cannot prevent collisions and may not detect every object or warn in all situations. Drivers should always turn and look before changing lanes. See Owner’s Manual for safety information.