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Dietz & Watson Announces Sandwich Contest Finalists, Voting Begins



Philly has a long and storied sandwich history. From the iconic Philly cheesesteak to the cult-favorite Italian hoagie, there’s no denying that we’ve cornered the sandwich market. But if there’s one thing that rings true for all hoagie enthusiasts, it’s that they’re always trying out new combinations, editing and re-editing their recipes until they achieve savory perfection.

So to recognize these budding culinary scientists, Dietz & Watson is seeking out the best Philly hoagie. Using Dietz & Watson products and some inspired gastronomy know-how, contestants submitted their tried-and-true favorites and our panel of judges whittled it down to their top picks. Now, it’s up to you to crown the winner. Vote for ‘em here.

Sweet & Spicy Chick-adelphia
Dietz & Watson Buffalo Style Chicken Breast
Dietz & Watson Honey Barbecue Chicken Breast
Dietz & Watson Sweet Red Pepper Mayo
Topped with roasted red peppers, lettuce
Sprouted grain bread

The City of Pretzerly Love
Dietz & Watson Smoked Hot Sausage
Dietz & Watson Muenster cheese, melted
Dietz & Watson Stone Ground Mustard
Topped with Dietz & Watson Barrel Style Sauerkraut
Pretzel roll, toasted

The Franklinator aka Hunger Beatdown aka Ben’s Favorite
Dietz & Watson Oven Roasted Homestyle Turkey Breast
One side: cranberry jam, charcoal grilled apples and onions
Other side: mayonnaise, charcoal grilled jalapeños and poblanos
Topped with arugula, shaved Parmesan, diced Dietz & Watson Gourmet Imported Bacon
Seeded Liscio’s roll

Asian Braised Bacon Steam Bun Hoagie
Dietz & Watson Gourmet Imported Bacon, cut into 2-inch pieces, fried, sprinkled with white pepper and caramelized in a homemade sauce containing: chicken broth, dry white wine, unseasoned rice vinegar, light brown sugar, chili sauce, nuoc cham, soy sauce, garlic, ginger
One side: hoisin
Topped with Napa cabbage, green onions, cilantro, quick pickle (made with daikon radish, julienned carrot, jalapeño, water, white vinegar, sugar, kosher salt)
Bun, steamed

El Diablo Torta Sucia aka “Filthy Devil”
Lime and tomato juice-marinated Dietz & Watson Premium Angus Roast Beef, grilled
Dietz & Watson Swiss Gruyere
Dietz & Watson Sweet Red Pepper Mayo
One side: homemade black bean spread
Jalapeño lime hot sauce
Yards Love Stout braised onions
Topped with lettuce, pico de gallo, guacamole, black olives, cilantro
Conshohocken Bakery hoagie roll, toasted

The Vietnamese Banh Dietz
Dietz & Watson Premium Angus Road Beef, sliced thin
Spicy Dietz & Watson Sriracha Aioli
Fresh pickled jalapeños
Topped with thin red onion, julienned carrot, shredded gala apple slaw
Sam’s Italian Baby Kaiser roll, pressed

Have you selected a favorite? To cast your vote in Dietz & Watson’s Best Philly Hoagie Contest, click here.