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Custom Cabinetry: The Perfect Fit for your Perfect Home

If you’re planning a new kitchen, bath, library, or any other room in which craftsmanship plays a major role, then custom cabinetry is a smart investment that will add significant beauty, efficiency, and value to your home. The 2014 Design Home project features Plain & Fancy cabinetry which is truly custom cabinetry, built from scratch, specific to the project, made to our exact specifications. At Design Home 2014, you’ll be able to see the incredible custom cabinetry up close and get ideas for styles and designs to fit your own needs.

To create a custom kitchen or bath in your own home, it’s essential that you work with a designer. A trained custom cabinetry designer understands how a kitchen, bathroom, or living space works in totality—from big-picture planning down to meticulous detailing. The seasoned designer brings knowledge, ideas, and inspiration to the table, helping the homeowner devise the most efficient and functional layout; select the most appropriate fixtures, appliances, and fittings; determine the correct positioning of lighting and electrical outlets; and create the best storage solutions. And when it comes to aesthetics, what the untrained eye can’t always envision, the experienced planner, familiar with the latest design trends, materials, and innovations, can not only imagine but also make happen. Hiring a design expert is the only way to ensure that your custom cabinetry fits you and your room perfectly.

Customizing your home cabinets is the perfect way to show the pride and care that you put into designing your ideal house. Walk through the kitchen and bathroom of this year’s Design Home to see how customized cabinets can bring class and style to your house. And beam with pride each time a guest walks through your own home and complements your brand new cabinetry. Focus on the details and features that are important to you to ensure your cabinets are exactly what you want.

At the Tague Design Showroom, certified kitchen designers will work with you to choose the type of wood, the door and millwork style, the decorative treatment, the color and finish (Plain & Fancy offers an unrivaled selection of finishes, making this step one of the most important in the process), the hardware, and the storage options. A Tague certified designer will measure your space, draw a plan, work with a custom cabinetmaker, like Plain & Fancy, to construct and finish the cabinetry, and then supervise its installation so that it fits your room like a glove. Hiring a design expert is the only way to ensure that your custom cabinetry fits you and your room perfectly. To schedule a consultation contact Tague Sr. Kitchen Designers: Kim Moyer or Dru Hinterleiter at 610-640-4180; or visit Tague Design Showroom on the web. And be sure to see their incredible work first-hand at the 2014 Design Home.