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6 Ways to Be Healthier at Work

Photo credit: iStock/Eva Katalin Kondoros

Photo credit: iStock/Eva Katalin Kondoros

If you’re part of the 31 percent of Americans who log 41 to 59-hour work weeks (or, gulp, the 18 percent who log upwards of 60 hours each week), you’ve probably recognized that making healthful decisions at work is important. It’s easier said than done, though, when you’re seemingly tied to your desk. Here are six strategies for making healthier decisions at work:

1. Pack your lunch // Brown bagging it doesn’t have to mean another sad desk salad. Instead, hit the Internet and bookmark dozens of healthy make-ahead lunch recipes. To get you started, check out this Be Well Philly post that’s chock full of quick, nutritious meals. (How convenient do those protein-packed freezer burritos look?) Before you know it, you’ll have an arsenal of tried-and-true recipes to whip up on Sundays. If you’re still enticed by the vending machine, make sure you’re eating breakfast. It will keep you fuller longer and will help kick-start your day. This post offers a week’s worth of easy breakfasts.

2. Stay positive // A bad boss can bring you down. Staying calm and collected is a key part of staying healthy. In fact, according to the Washington Post, dealing with “a bad boss has been linked to high blood pressure, sleep problems and anxiety, and is also associated with unhealthy behaviors such as smoking, excessive use of alcohol, and overeating.” To combat these negative side effects, download one of these six stress-busting apps, or give meditation a go.

3. Keep your work at work // Work/life balance can have serious implications for your health (think: stroke, heart disease, weight gain). Though there’s often no way to reduce your workload, you can ensure that your work is limited to the office setting by not bringing it home. Keeping work and home separated as much as possible will ensure you’re in top cognitive shape while you’re at the office. This post offers some helpful strategies.

4. Get moving // Sitting has recently been coined “the new smoking,” and unless you’re an athletic trainer or work in customer service position that keeps you on your feet, it’s likely that you spend a significant portion of your workday sitting at your desk. Office exercises are admittedly pretty lame (who can focus on engaging their core when filling out spreadsheets?), so make efforts to integrate organic movement into your day. Consider taking the stairs over the elevator, purchasing a standing desk, or arranging walking meetings outside. Bonus: a Stanford study says walking positively affects creative thinking — so bring on the brainstorming meetings!

5. Stop eyestrain // If you spend a significant portion of your day at your desk, chances are you’re also in front of a computer screen. According to Mayo Clinic, it’s not only uncomfortable and headache-inducing, but it can also reduce your concentration. Fix it by using a shaded light at your desk, positioning your monitor an arm’s length away, and make sure your eyes are in good health by seeing your eye doctor.

6. Keep your desk clean // While it’s certainly important to eat healthy meals and move around during the workday, it’s also essential to stay illness-free. At bustling offices, however, this might not be easy. To combat sickness, equip your office with these essentials: hand sanitizing wipes, a sanitizing spray for your desk/keyboard and boxes of tissues.

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