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7 Guilt-free Party Snacks Your Guests Will Love


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Traditional finger foods, dips and desserts certainly please your palate but probably don’t do much for you in the nutrition department. Before you go delving into a high-fat, junk food spread, consider adding some healthy options to your plate, instead (like any of the seven guilt-free bites below!).

Whether you’re having friends over for a birthday, baby shower or the big game, these hearty and healthy snacks are guaranteed to keep them full and happy.

1.Turkey Chili

Ah, the ultimate comfort food—chili. It’s perfect for everything from a potluck to a game day party thanks to its filling ingredients and simple recipe. But did you know that by using ground turkey or 95 percent lean beef, in place of traditional ground beef, you’ll shave off 7 grams of fat and at least 59 calories per serving? Make sure to pack in the beans as well. They’re full of fiber and will keep you feeling fuller, longer.

2.Sweet Potato Skins

Potato skins are great—they’re crispy, gooey, full of bacon—but their calorie counts and high levels of cholesterol are not so great. Thankfully with a small swap of the potato variety (russet for sweet) and meat (bacon for chicken) you can cut back on the calories and carbs and boost the protein. They’re sweet and spicy, cheesy and healthy—score!

3.Baked Buffalo Wings

Being conscious about your food choices doesn’t mean you need to disregard some of your favorite appetizer staples—like buffalo wings. Why not bake them instead? By ditching the traditional deep fried, heavily buttered variation, you’ll cut back on the calories, sodium, saturated fats and carbohydrates but keep that same great spicy taste.

4.Zucchini Fries

They’re crispy, crunchy and chock full of nutrients like vitamin C, manganese, vitamin B-6 and vitamin K. You can have 10 for around 200 calories and serve them on their own or dip them into a tomato-based aioli or Greek yogurt tzatziki. Not big on squash? You can use the same recipe or a similar one with green beans instead.

5.Carrot Dogs in a Blanket

Replace your cocktail weenies with a healthy (but equally delicious) alternative—carrots! Perfect for vegans, vegetarians and individuals who just don’t like hot dogs—carrot dogs in a blanket are a heart healthy, dairy-free option that contain only 40 calories for three.

6.Individual Seven-Layer Dip

The key to having your favorite snacks and eating them too? Portion control. By dividing this hearty dip into individual cups, you can cap your calorie count at 230 per serving. Plus, there’s no double dipping, helping you avoid unwanted germs and keep your immune system at its best, too.

7.Banana Split Skewers

Don’t let your healthy habits slide once it’s time for the sweet stuff. Nix the heavy cakes and cookies and opt for a sweet treat with fruit—like banana split skewers—instead. The fruity frozen treat can be dipped in chocolate or low-fat yogurt for added flavor.

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