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5 Ways to Exercise on (Or in!) the Water in Tioga County

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If you’re looking to escape the city and sneak in a workout or two, Tioga County is your destination. Ditch the humdrum public pools and embrace Pennsylvania’s great outdoors, by taking advantage of Tioga County’s extensive water activities. Whether you’d like to swim, raft, kayak, or scope out the waterfalls on a hike, there are plenty of ways to break a sweat and beat the heat. (Believe us, the gorgeous flora makes for idyllic workout scenery.) Plus, with all the lakes and trails in close proximity to Philadelphia, it’s the perfect quick trip.

Here’s a short guide to just a few of the many ways to get fit on or near the water in Tioga County while there’s still time this summer:

  • Tioga-Hammond and Cowanesque Lakes: With over a combined 2,000 surface acres of water, there’s a reason this lake cluster is home to all types of water activities including swimming, jet-skiing, and boating. Cowanesque and Hammond Lakes both offer swimming beaches and boat launches with mooring facilities.
  • Hills Creek State Park: A top pick for family fun, Hills Creek State Park boasts a sand beach open from late-May until mid-September, as well as kayaks, rowboats, paddleboats, and canoes available for rent during the summer. The 137-acre lake also allows for boats with electric motors. For more warm weather fun, check, be sure to check out the other three lakes Hamilton, Nessmuk and Beechwood.
  • Pine Creek and Pine Creek Rail Trail: Nestled in the bottom of the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon, Pine Creek is the ideal destination for water sport enthusiasts. Visitors can rent rafts and kayaks from two local outfitters or go tubing down the expansive body of water.

    Winding alongside Pine Creek is the Pine Creek Rail Trail. Visitors can hike, bike and horseback ride along the 62-mile trail with only a 2% grade over its entire length. Plus, when a 12-mile section of the gorge is named a National Natural Landmark by the National Park Service, you’re guaranteed some of the most picturesque views around.

  • Turkey Path Trail: Adventurers, assemble! Turkey Path Trail is a tricky two mile trek located in a wilderness area. Beginning in Leonard Harrison State Park, visitors are treated to a stunning vista and waterfalls as they descend to the canyon’s floor.
  • Barbour Rock Trail: Tioga County has a bounty of options for everyone in your group. Families and those with disabilities can view the rapids at the wheelchair-accessible and appropriate-for-all-fitness levels Barbour Rock Trail. En route to Colton Pointe State Park, the trail is recognized by the Americans with Disabilities Act making it perfect choice for families looking for the best views of Owasse Rapids.

For more information about summer fun and fitness-friendly activities in Tioga County, PA, please visit here.