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What You Need to Know About Endurance Challenges in Tioga County

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We love a leisurely summer as much as the next person (some beachside tranquility can do a body good), but unless you’re jogging in the dunes or doing planks on your beach towel, that relaxing getaway is probably not the most fitness-friendly. To combat a potential summer slump, get yourself to a few of Tioga County’s Endurance Challenges.

The challenges range in difficulty so there’s something for everyone on the fitness spectrum, including a family-friendly TryAthalon and a 100-mile footrace for the ultra-fit. Plus, if you’re more of a spectator, there are plenty of picturesque views to take in from the sidelines.

Here’s a short guide to the many endurance challenges that Tioga County has to offer for your summer fitness plan:

  • PA Grand Canyon Marathon. July 26-27. Debuting just last year, this race winds around the West Rim of the PA Grand Canyon and is already a favorite of the running set. The half marathon and Rock the Canyon option are sold out, but there’s still space in the full marathon, so sign up quick for this Boston-qualifier.
  • Eastern States 100. August 16-17. This brand new 100-mile race includes climbs between 900 and 1200 feet and combines the Mid-State Trail, West Rim Trail, Long Branch Trail along with several other pathways in Lycoming and Tioga Counties.
  • Laurel Classic Mountain Bike Challenge. September 6. Seasoned bikers take on a 22-mile loop (that includes the Stinger Trail route) outfitted with climbs, descents, creek crossings and log crossings, while beginners can opt for the decidedly less goosebump-inducing 11-mile course. Both events are held in the Asaph State Forest and promise some of the best rides in the region.
  • Pine Creek Challenge. September 6-7. Perfect for those looking for their first foray into endurance challenges, this race comprises two days and is held along the Pine Creek Rail Trail. Participants can select either a 100-kilometer course or a 100-mile course both of which run along 50 miles of the Upper Canyon section.
  • Step Outdoors TryAthalon. September 20. If you’re not quite ready for a mega-race or would rather incorporate the whole family, signup for the Step Outdoors Tryathlon, hosted at Hills Creek State Park.Go solo or assemble a team of two or three people to 3.1 miles, paddle through the lake for 1.75 miles, and bike for another 8.0 miles.
  • Ives Run Trail Challenge. October 12. Take in the fall foliage with this 4-mile footrace in the Ives Run Recreation area of Hammond Lake. The race includes four types of terrain and portions of the Lynn Keller, the Stephen house and the Archery Trails.
  • Green Monster 25K/50K Challenge. October 12. Situated in the mountains of the Tioga State Forest, this race doesn’t mess around: Participants select either a 25-kilometer trail featuring 4,000 foot total ascent or 50-kilometer trail with a nearly 8,000-foot total ascent.

For more information about the many other fitness-friendly activities of Tioga County, PA, please visit here.