The Revisit: Is the Philly Bloomingdale’s Outlet Still Worth Shopping?

The good, the bad and the ugly.

sale rack

Scenes from the sale rack. | Photo by Lauren McGrath.

When we got a sneak peek inside the new Bloomingdale’s Outlet Store in the Shops at Liberty Place back in December, it’s safe to say we were impressed with the selection, especially the relatively small space. There were loads of fun furs, racks of denim, and a curated mix of home goods, all impeccably arranged for the grand opening. But in most stores, the pitch-perfect displays and militant organization of opening weekend doesn’t last too long. So we popped by the Outlet this week for a surprise revisit to see how things are shaking out a few months in. Here is the good, the bad and the, well, see for yourself.


Photo by Lauren McGrath.

THE GOOD: Sweaters are the ray of sunshine here. I loved the cozy knits in muted palettes, perfect workwear for right now and future seasons. The separates and matching sets were also cute (albeit arguably going out of style).


Photo by Lauren McGrath.

If you’re prepared to do some digging, you’ll find some hidden gems in the shoe section, above. A pair of colorful, mosaic-tiled booties called my name.


Photo by Lauren McGrath.

The home section is small but mighty, with staples that could fit into any home decor. I spotted great metallic Michael Aram frames, above, and mini Nespresso machines at bargain prices. (Hello, Valentine’s Day gifts!)

dress sale

Photo by Lauren McGrath.

THE BAD: While the Bloomingdale’s Outlet touted formalwear – specifically women’s cocktail dresses – as the star of the outlet scene, and the section that set them apart from other outlets, I found it all skewed a bit matronly, with a heavy-handed dose of bling, above. Also, beware the messy sale rack unless you’re ready to roll up your sleeves and do some major digging.

no bueno

Photo by Lauren McGrath.

The athleisure section, which I expected to be huge, contains a very limited (though cute) selection of workout gear. You’re better off heading to Nordstrom Rack for inexpensive exercise wear. I would also steer clear of the jewelry selection – it’s a tangled mess of about five necklaces.

The men’s section of the store seemed to have less merchandise at the ready, so I would go elsewhere for on-trend, fashion-forward pieces. But for basics like classic button-downs and plain undershirts, you’re in luck.


Photo by Lauren McGrath.

THE UGLY: Maybe ugly is a bit harsh – we’ll call it disheveled. The baby section, now relegated to a hidden back corner, is just two rows, a jumble of clothes that doesn’t seem to be organized by gender or size. Don’t bother.