15 Trends From 2015 That Need to Die

We are so over you.

Retrospective trend analysis goes a little something like this: You marvel at the lame stuff everyone thought was super-cool, cringe in self-hatred for the trends you fell victim to, and vow to never follow trends again. (Though, inevitably, you will.)

This is precisely what just happened here at Shoppist. In an entertaining look back at 2015, we picked out 15 trends we would love to leave behind forever. Consider this your guide map to a new-year closet clean-out. And, finally, a reason to ditch those knee-high gladiator sandals.

1. Super-short denim cutoffs. Most of the people who wore this trend could barely drive legally. Put some pants on.

2. Flat, knee-high gladiators. Are you starring in a reprise of Ben-Hur? Then put the biblical sandals away. (Side note: How long did it take you to put those on?)

3. Overalls. The resurgence of the overall was a rough, uphill battle, and one we’ve now officially lost.

4. Button-up chambray shirts. They’re everywhere, and ubiquity is a good gauge of whether a trend is nearing the end of its lifespan. Consider swapping this wardrobe workhorse for a reimagined white button-up, which is having a major moment now.

5. Chunky statement necklaces in pastel hues. Go for a long pendant necklace or delicate choker instead.

6. Culottes. In the words of our beloved editor Emily Goulet, they had their time in the sun. And now that time is over. (Though we can still sometimes get on board with a leather Bermuda short.)

7. Normcore. Sorry to say it, but we’re bored with normcore and its deliberate plainness and weird Birkenstock revival. Fashion is supposed to be fun, not a snoozefest.

8. Neoprene. It was such a cool fabric when it first started to be a thing, but then they started making matching crop tops and skirts out of it, which brings us to …

9. Matching crop top and skirt sets. If you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all. Break up the set and have some mix-and-match fun with it.

10. Flower crowns. Sorry, Coachella die-hards. Even Lana Del Ray is over flower crowns, and she is singlehandedly responsible for their revival.

11. Low block-heel shoes. I really wanted to on board with this one because I love a good block heel, but I have an innate aversion to kitten heels of any form. (I am, it appears, in the minority on this one.)

12. Midriff-bearing tops. Notice I didn’t say crop tops, because a little sliver of the midriff is still (yes, still) cute in my book. What I saw in 2015 was a whole lot of tummy surface area and belly buttons, both of which I was so not interested in seeing.

13. Balmain x Kardashians. For the love of fashion and the legacy of Balmain, please let this relationship desist.

14. Floppy felt hats. The free-spirit-wannabe nature this hat gives off is way too heavy-handed for me to handle.

15. Almond nails. Think of the bacteria under there! Your claws are scaring us.