10 Most Stylish Gym Bags That’ll Motivate You to Actually, You Know, Go to the Gym

Fun with alliteration: Stow your sweaty stuff in style. (Sorry.)


I follow lots of very pretty people on Instagram. Which means that at any point during my day, I might scroll past a short clip of, say, Victoria’s Secret Angel/ridiculous physical specimen Romee Strijd doing leg lifts, as I did yesterday morning. While I watched this — over and over again, promising myself that I would never skip a gym day again, which I did that very night — I convinced myself that only part of the allure was her actual insanely amazing baby-giraffe body. The other part had to be her matchy outfit. You see, I firmly believe that great-looking workout gear can go a long way in making you feel better about yourself and more motivated to work out. (Hey, science agrees!)

So why not start here? A stylish gym bag is a great first purchase. My tip: Pack it the night before, bring it to work and leave it in a visible place. That way, you’ll be much more motivated to actually go on that post-work run. And if you don’t? Hey, there’s always tomorrow, and most of the options above also double as great overnight bags. 

[1] Rebecca Minkoff Julian sport backpack, $195 at Nordstrom.

[2] Quilted barrel sports bag, $85 at Topshop.

[3] Menire printed canvas tote, $55 at Net-a-Porter.

[4] Leopard nylon tote pack, $26 at Baggu.

[5] Nylon mesh backpack, $51.99 at Athleta.

[6] The North Face Laryssa gym tote bag, $75 at Urban Outfitters.

[7] Nike Victory Gym Club bag, $100 at Zappos.

[8] Crackled silver gym barrel bag, $44.79 at Asos.

[9] All You Need duffel, $148 at Lululemon.

[10] Thursday Friday python canvas bag, $50 at Shoptiques.