Abercrombie Hires Club Monaco Menswear Designer, Desperately Tries to Be Cool Again

A&F makes a last-ditch hire.


Will this label ever make it back into your closet? | Deymos.HR / Shutterstock.com

It’s no secret that the fashion masses have started to take notice of Club Monaco. The women’s clothing has become clean and modern, an accessible, if watered-down, version of legendarily minimal brands like Céline and The Row. The men’s collection isn’t far behind, with standout offerings and even standalone men’s brick-and-mortars (rumor has it that Philly might be getting one … eventually). And a struggling Abercrombie has taken notice: They just poached Aaron Levine from Club Monaco, where he’d been VP of men’s design for the past four years.

Consider it a whole new look for A&F, which recently announced it was ditching the shirtless male models and the suffocating pumped-in cologne. And after a decline reminiscent of American Apparel’s collapse, the company needs it. Whether or not we’ll buy into it, well, that’s a different story.