Market Report: The Sordid Tale of American Apparel’s Ex-CEO

And more style headlines to know this a.m.

  • Market ReportThere’s a whole lot of controversy going on over at American Apparel: CEO Dov Charney was ousted, terms like “sex slave” are flying around, and now Charney’s suing. Here’s why he was fired. [Gawker]
  • Growing out your hair for summer? This is the best hairstyle EVER—and super-easy to do. (Really, even I can do it.) [Refinery29]
  • It’s men’s fashion week in Milan! Here, get inspired (or get totally jealous) by these insaaaane street style looks. [W]

  • And these are the bracelets you need to wear this summer. Buy five, wear all at once. [Self]
  • A handy celebrity guide to dressing for a music festival. Kate Bosworth FTW. [People]