Finally! Fitbit Jewelry We Actually Love

Bezels & Bytes has cracked the wearable-tech style code.

Finally Fitbit jewelry that totally makes the cut. | Image via Bezels & Bytes

Finally, Fitbit jewelry that totally makes the cut. | Image via Bezels & Bytes.

Ever since the wearable tech craze took hold, there’s been a breathless race amongst designers to create the most stylish product.  So far, nothing’s really caught on and designs for wearables and concealing accessories have fallen short (ahem, we’re lookin’ at you, Tory Burch). Up until this point, it seems the bulk of Fitbit users — even the most style-savvy of the bunch — wear their fitness trackers au naturel, thick rubber band and all. It’s a source of pride, perhaps, or a conversation-starter, but it’s most definitely not chic.

Until now. Behold: Bezels & Bytes.

An Indiegogo-funded company launched by two San Francisco-based women — both with fashion backgrounds —Bezels & Bytes’s Fitbit accessories are slim, functional, and totally wearable.  Better yet, the line is completely affordable. There’s a pyramid-studded leather double-wrap bracelet; a chunky ID bracelet; a gold basketweave box on a leather band; and a studded hinged box (in silver or gold) that is strung on a long, delicate necklace. The pieces are great-looking, and something you’ll want to wear even when your obsession with hitting 5,000 steps starts to wane. (Which it will. Trust us.)

The collection ranges from $78 to $98 for Fitbit jewelry; there are also two studded earring options (both $25) to match your tech accessories. Right now, the line is only available for Fitbit Flex models, and orders will be shipped in April. A tip: Follow them on Facebook for giveaways.

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