You Can Buy the Shark Costumes From Katy Perry’s Super Bowl Halftime Show

And why it's completely justifiable to spend $89 on a sea creature suit.

Images via Getty | David Lam | Shutterstock

Images via Getty | David Lam | Shutterstock

Earlier this week, we told you where to get Katy Perry’s bedazzled booties that stole the show during her Super Bowl halftime spectacle. But while some of you were itching to buy her shoes, even more of you were curious about where to get that shark suit.

Left Shark has been the target of a media firestorm for his hilariously botched choreography (see it here). And it’s grown to a fever pitch: Guys, you can now actually buy the shark suit.

Several retailers are planning on manufacturing the suit, but we’re the biggest fan of the one by environmental engineer David Lam, who is selling the suit and donating all profits to environmental charities.

The shark suit retails for $89 to $99, and all purchases made through the Indiegogo page send 100 percent of the profits to help wildlife conservation charities including the World Wildlife Fund and the Wildlife Conservation Society. Now Left Shark dances and saves the earth.

If you don’t want to shell out the cash for the suit, you can invest in something slightly smaller but equally as adorable. By donating anywhere from $1 to $15, you can collect different shark memorabilia like stickers or, for our DIY-ers, a cloth template to make your own suit.

This next Halloween might end up looking like a twisted whimsical Jaws movie, but hey, at least we’re saving some wildlife, right? Dance on, sharks.