FLOWCHART: How To Clean Out Your Closet Like a Pro

What to toss and what to store.

Image via Vogue

Learn the true definition of ‘need.’ | Image via Vogue

In case you’ve found that your New Year’s resolution to stay super-organized has gone a little off course, or, well, never really got off the ground, this is the flowchart for you. We stumbled across this hilariously accurate tool for paring down your closet on Vogue.com. The author writes, “It addresses all the excuses you can make for yourself while attempting to edit your wardrobe.” And, oh boy, have we made excuses in the name of rescuing articles of clothing. (You just can’t make the same argument for a Spice Girls tee as you would for a Rolling Stones one.)

The flowchart also asks pertinent closet-purging questions like “Can you remember the last time you wore it?”, “Would you rather look at it or wear it?” and “Does it fit you?” The answers to which should help you choose whether an item should be donated, stored for a season or put back in your closet. Just think of all the coveted space you’ll free up.

See the Vogue infographic here. And do as the comment section suggests: print it out and tape this sucker in your closet for whenever you need to be reminded that your old, pilling sweater does not, in fact, have sentimental value.