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Comparisons: How Philly Stacks Up in National Average Single-Bedroom Rent

Yet another reason living in Philly is more practical than in sprawling metropolises like…well, let’s not name names here. Using ApartmentGuide.com’s national median rent average findings […]


FLOWCHART: How To Clean Out Your Closet Like a Pro

In case you’ve found that your New Year’s resolution to stay super-organized has gone a little off course, or, well, never really got off the […]

Be Well Philly

HOW Many Philadelphians Lie About Their Weight?! And More from Our Reader Poll

More then 500 readers spilled their guts on their health and fitness habits—how they eat, sleep, sweat, diet and more—for this year’s issue of Be […]

City Life

GOOD NEWS NUGGET: 60 Percent of Americans Will Soon Live in States With Marriage Equality

Yesterday was a monumental day in the annals of LGBT history. The Supreme Court declined to hear cases from five states that had appealed marriage equality […]

Things to Do

INFOGRAPHIC: This Is Pennsylvania’s Favorite Band?

Music Machinery blogger Paul Lamere used some complicated, aggregated data to come up with this nifty mag that he believes represents every states’ favorite band. […]

Things to Do

This is What People Dislike About Facebook

In honor of Facebook’s 10th anniversary tomorrow, Pew Research just released an interesting study revealing how people use the social-media monster. Here are some fun […]

City Life

InfoGraphic: The United States of Marriage Equality

This is what marriage equality looks like now that Hawaii and New Jersey have become the most recent states to legalize gay marriage. The new […]


Infographic: Median Home Prices, Number of Homes Sold First 6 Months of 2013


Property’s Morning Obsession: If Facebook Built a House, Here’s What It Would Look Like

How irritating is the ever-shifting architecture of Facebook? The timeline, the newsfeed, the general way the house is built. But what if Facebook–instead of debuting […]


The Most Popular Listings Words Are…

Which words appear most frequently in real estate listings? “Beautiful” takes the top spot in New York, followed by a few that are equally prominent in Philadelphia. Here’s a tag cloud to help clear the air.


Is Center City Over?

Editor’s Note: From this month’s Philadelphia magazine, a discussion about the future of Center City and a question: Does Center City even have a future? […]


Top Liquor Purchasers for 2011

Here’s the 2011 liquor purchasers in Philadelphia for 2011. This factors out wine purchases from the state. All that tequila really runs up the bill […]


Infographic: It’s a Party at PHL

Continuing in our data mining of PLCB wine and spirits data, here are the eight establishments at Philadelphia International Airport that have purchased the most […]


Taste Illustrated: Stuff Shorter Than Le Virtu’s Maccheroni Alla Mugnaia

 Chef Joe Cicala has one dish that has become a signature for his kitchen: Maccheroni alla mugnaia, a hand-rolled single strand of pasta that hist […]

City Life

Gay Rights: State By State

The Guardian in the U.K released an informative infographic recently that charts LGBT rights from state to state in the U.S. Interested in finding out […]