Comparisons: How Philly Stacks Up in National Average Single-Bedroom Rent

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Yet another reason living in Philly is more practical than in sprawling metropolises like…well, let’s not name names here.

Using’s national median rent average findings from last year, AppFolio drew up a floor plan infographic that illustrates what that amount gets you if looking for single-bedrooms or studio apartments. They considered thirteen American cities, the most affordable of which appears to be Detroit, which offered up to 818 square feet of space. Phoenix, Dallas, New Orleans, and Portland came next, followed by Chicago, Philadelphia, and Miami. Los Angeles, New York, and San Francisco were, unsurprisingly, less generous with the same rent.

Using the map at, it doesn’t look like there are a whole lot of options in Center City that fit into that average rent range. And although you can’t filter as closely to the average rent (min. of $1,000), Zillow shows there are a few options in that price range in the outlying neighborhoods.

Bonus? The graphic shows where / to whom most of your rent money goes to. Hint: It begins with ‘t.’

Click on that jawn to get a closer look.

Infographic by AppFolio via

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