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janet bernstein
Life & Style

Move Over, Marie Kondo: Janet Bernstein Is the Home Organizer We Need Now

Janet Bernstein’s got beef with Marie Kondo. Okay, maybe not actual beef. Considering her glossy chestnut bob and calm British lilt, I can’t imagine the […]

Be Well Philly

This Philly Organization Expert Wants to Help You Conquer Your Spring To-Do List

For so many of us, life is dictated by deadlines. It seems like we’re juggling a million things at once: cranking out projects, working overtime, […]

City Life

Spring Cleaning! The Philadelphian’s Guide to Getting Rid of Everything

You’ve done it. You finally went full-on Marie Kondo and spent a weekend sorting and sifting. Look at you! But wait, don’t go celebrating just […]


Shop Talk: 18 Gorgeous Ways to Organize Your Vanity

Happy Monday, loves! If you’re like me, this weekend’s sunshine got you spring cleaning a little. Tackle the intimidating bathroom spread with these 18 pretty […]


How to Fit All of Your Shoes in Your Teeny Trinity

Spring is just around the corner, which has me itching to organize the items that clutter the space around me. Part of organization is letting go […]


The Ultimate Philadelphia Spring-Cleaning Guide

There’s no better time to revisit your New Year’s resolutions (how are those working out for you so far?) than the beginning of spring. It’s […]


FLOWCHART: How To Clean Out Your Closet Like a Pro

In case you’ve found that your New Year’s resolution to stay super-organized has gone a little off course, or, well, never really got off the […]


Monday Obsession: Tom Dixon Desk Organizer

There’s something to be said for everything on your desk belonging to a certain space: pens in one container, pencils in another, paperclips piled tidily […]


Market Report: 11 Tips For a Super-Organized Closet

A clean, organized closet makes it infinitely easier to pick out outfits. These are the 11 tips you need to know to tidy up your […]