This is What Yarnbombing the William Penn Statue Would Look Like

Semi-creepy sculptures look so much better in neon knits. So wouldn't William Penn, too?


How ’bout we brighten up the skyline next, Ishknits? | Photo (sans bikini) via Shutterstock.

If you don’t already know of Ishknits, take a walk over to the sort of creepy sculpture at 16th and Vine. It’s wearing a knit jogging suit. A neon knit jogging suit. My friends over at Ticket alerted me to it, and I’m loving it. But I want more.

That outfit is the work of Jessie Hemmons, a yarnbomber who goes by the moniker Ishknits. She’s knit a sweater for Rocky, a pink bikini for Frank Rizzo and charming seat covers for the Market-Frankford line. She serves up her art with a hefty dose of humor, and proves that a) knitting can be cool, and b) the William Penn statue would be so much better if it was wearing a neon bikini. To prove this, here is a very poor rendering of what it would look like. So, Ishknits, you in?

PS: If you are indeed interested in the exact bikini William Penn is wearing, it is by Mikoh and you can buy it here.