You Loved It: Our Photo Director’s Poop Emoji Shoes

The $340 poop shoes that set Instagram off.


Our photo director makes smiling heaps of poo look fantastically chic.

I first posted about the collaboration between Edie Parker and Del Toro back in March. Luxury e-tailer Moda Operandi had just opened its pre-order list to score the line, called M’Oticons, which featured velvet slippers and acrylic clutches emblazoned with emojis. The emails between my fashion-minded colleagues and me flew back and forth with relentless abandon:

“These are amazing.”

“OMG, they have the red dancer lady!”

“I want the monkeys.”

“I wish they weren’t $340. Sigh.”

And then our photo director, Jess, chimed in:


Of course she did. Jess is the queen of footwear with faces. She’s got Charlotte Olympia’s kitty heels. And C. Wonder’s dachshund slippers. It was only right that she also owned the emoticon for happy shit.

We all sort of forgot about the shoes until they arrived a couple of weeks ago. (Pre-order and all.) Jess wore them to work, and we ooh-ed and ahh-ed and Instagrammed. They’re hilarious, and also shockingly chic. (I think it’s the subdued navy velvet and the classic shape.) Then I posted them on Instagram, and people flipped. “I want these,” commented one person. “Need!” posted another.

Well, here’s the bad news: They’re all gone. (Sorry, guys!) But Shoppist to the rescue! You can still score Del Toro’s kitchsy Pinocchio slippers, duck slippers, fancy skull slippers, and this “Lucky Bitch” pair, which is pretty darn close to the emoji line. Happy shopping, you crazy shoe lovers.