Bradley Cooper Was Dressed Like a Slob on the Red Carpet

No. Just no.


Image via Splash.

Our sister blog Ticket just alerted us to the travesty that is Bradley Cooper’s most recent red carpet look. Rarely do we make a fuss about red carpet looks over at Shoppist—I mean, everyone is just so boring these days—but for this, we had to make an exception. Bradley, sweet, sweet Bradley, where was Suki Waterhouse to give you a little sartorial direction? Or at least a clean shirt?

To be fair, based on the video Ticket posted and everyone else’s outfits, it doesn’t look like it was a particularly formal event, but that doesn’t excuse the stained tee, hiking sneakers, and cargo pants—CARGO PANTS. Sure, leave the tux at home, but at least he could have donned one of these classy looks from yesteryear. Bradley, we love you, so we’ll let this one slide. But next time, you better shape-up and keep making Philly proud.