Street Style: This is Probably the Coolest Hair in Philly

A local actress spills her favorite shopping haunts.


Photo by Evan Schapiro

Name: Ama Bollinger

‘Hood: Bella Vista

Day Job: Actress. “I was playing Ondine a couple of months ago at the Walnut Street Theatre Studio 5.”

Where We Found Her: On her way to see if her laptop’s hard drive could be fixed. [Ed. note: It couldn’t. “Since I never backed it up, every memory from [my teenage] years was erased. It’s probably a good thing.”]

What She’s Wearing: Sunglasses from Cool Shades, a vendor at Philly Phair;  IIIBeCa by Joy Gryson messenger bag; blue topaz necklace from her husband; H&M tights and shoes (“probably”); Michael Kors watch; dress “from a French high-street shop called Promod“; Jeux de Peau by Serge Lutens perfume.


Photo by Evan Schapiro.

About That Hair: “My hair was cut and colored by Brittiany Cunningham from Architeqt Salon on 10th Street. She is the best!” [Ed. note: We agree! Brittiany won Best of Philly for Crayola Hair Color this past year.]

Where She Shops: “Wilbur, a tiny vintage store on 4th Street. The owner, Dan, is so nice and he has gorgeous clothing and jewelry for a very good price. Also on 4th Street, Jinxed and Brickbat Books. Philly AIDS Thrift and all the little stores next to it. Mostly Books on Bainbridge. Molly’s Books & Records on 9th Street. The Italian Market and all its food stores—I love them all. And the French bakery on Mifflin [Ed. note: That would be Artisan Boulanger Patissier.] Open House on 13th. I also love museum stores for little odd jewelry and accessories, the Academy of Natural Sciences and the Philadelphia Museum of Art in particular!”

Sound Bite: [When asked about her style] “I don’t know… classic with a twist?”


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