Street Style: Philly’s Grand Dame of Style on Online Shopping

Julia Somers-Morley dishes on her favorite stores, and why she hates online shopping.

Photo by Evan Schapiro.

Name: Julia

Where She Lives: Rittenhouse Square

Day Job: Longtime Philadelphia fashion and special events coordinator.

Where We Found Her: Sipping a latte at La Colombe.

What She’s Wearing: Various pieces she’s collected over the years.


Where She Shops: “I don’t really shop much anymore, but I love Joan Shepp, Knit Wit and of course Boyds. Boyd’s really is fabulous.”

Sound Bite: “This online shopping is going to be the death of the shops. People aren’t able to feel or touch anything more when they shop. And that really is a shame. That is when you are able to find substance and style. When you make contact with something.”