To Sock or Not to Sock?

Heels and socks: Do you dig it? (We do.)

How to best deal with fall’s (finally) cooler temps? Break out the socks, and keep summer’s strappy heels in your rotation. (Really!) I’ve rounded up some of the best inspiration out there to get you started. A few notes:  Socks that hit just at the ankle bone are most flattering to legs, and you’ll want to try to keep the thickness of the socks in proportion to the sort of shoe you’re pairing it with (so, a chunky heeled bootie can handle a thick cable-knit knee sock; for more delicate heels, opt for these paper-thin lovelies from Papilio, or a great pair of thin trouser socks from J.Crew). Warm toes in the  middle of winter? That’s just a bonus. (to see my heels-and-socks pairing, check out my Instagram.)