neotraditional fishtown house for sale exterior front
For Sale/Rent

Just Listed: Modern Traditional Townhouse in Fishtown

This seven-year-young house not only stands apart from its next-door neighbors, but it also stands out in its blending of traditional and modern style.

rebuilt point breeze rowhouse for sale exterior front
For Sale/Rent

Just Listed: Designer Rebuild in Point Breeze

society hill bingham court townhouse for sale exterior front
For Sale/Rent

Just Listed: Bingham Court Townhouse in Society Hill

coronavirus rentals finale farm
Real Estate Biz

Coronavirus Has Luxury Clients — Including New Yorkers — Looking to Rent in the Philly ’Burbs

Find It PhillyWhat you need, when you need it.

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condo for sale rittenhouse new construction living room
For Sale/Rent

Just Listed: New Construction Condo in Rittenhouse

Cecil Baker’s recent project in Rittenhouse Square’s western reaches grafted a sleek modern building onto a historic townhouse.

house for sale new hope contemporary condo exterior front
For Sale/Rent

Just Listed: Contemporary Condo in New Hope

Nicely outfitted, well maintained, conveniently located, attractively priced. That’s four for four.

boner 4ever building
Real Estate

Say Bye-Bye to the Boner 4Ever Building

A plan to restore North Broad’s most notorious empty shell could show the city what “social impact development” can really do.

high-rise condo

A Center City High-Rise Condo Filled With an Art Collector’s Treasures

The home of a globe-trotting photographer is a study in how to live with the things you love.

house for sale wayne 1648 log cabin exterior front
For Sale/Rent

Expanded 17th-Century Log Cabin in Wayne

Historic houses hereabouts don’t get much more historic than this one.

condo for sale logan square phoenix loft condo living room
For Sale/Rent

Just Listed: Loft Condo in The Phoenix

Industrial? You’ve got to be kidding. Chic? In spades.

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For Sale/Rent

For Sale/Rent

house for sale doylestown renovated victorian exterior front
For Sale/Rent

Just Listed: Renovated Victorian in Doylestown

Art and craft combine to join past and present together beautifully.

condo for sale francisville newer bi-level exterior front
For Sale/Rent

Just Listed: Modern Bi-Level Condo in Francisville

Five years young, loaded with style, and topped with a great roof deck.

house for sale mt. airy midcentury modern split-level exterior front
For Sale/Rent

Midcentury Modern Split-Level in Mt. Airy

It may look like a typical 1950s split-level on the outside, but there’s nothing typical about it at all.

house for sale chester springs new farmhouse exterior front
For Sale/Rent

Just Listed: 21st-Century Barn-Style Farmhouse in Chester Springs

This barn didn’t need to be converted into a house - it was built as one from the start.

house for sale rittenhouse lombard street rebuild exterior front
For Sale/Rent

New Construction Townhouse in Rittenhouse

Meet the best facadectomy of 2019.

For Sale/Rent

For Sale/Rent

canopy hotel preview lobby

A First Look at the New Canopy Hotel

Hilton’s upscale boutique chain brings its strictly-local attitude to the East Market development.

house for sale rose valley walton forge cottage exterior front
For Sale/Rent

Just Listed: Historic House Pair in Rose Valley

Two storybook houses in a community that seems to have come out of a fairy tale - only this one’s real.

house for sale crestmont farms renovated colonial exterior front
For Sale/Rent

Just Listed: Refreshed Colonial in Crestmont Farms

A private hideaway, hiding in plain sight in the Far Northeast.

condo for rent rittenhouse square loft living room
For Sale/Rent

Industrial Loft Condo for Rent in Rittenhouse Square

Yes, Virginia, there is such a thing as a Rittenhouse Square loft apartment.

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