Just Listed: Standalone Trinity in Bella Vista

This totally detached trinity stands alone in more than one respect: Its unusually thoughtful rebuild endowed it with loads of outdoor space (for a trinity).

house for sale bella vista standalone trinity exterior front

You won’t find anything else like this very thoughtfully rebuilt trinity anywhere near it — and certainly not next door, for it’s not attached to anything else. Instead, this trinity truly stands alone at 1103 Hall St., Philadelphia, PA 19147 | Photos: Plush Images via She Moves Philly, Keller Williams Philadelphia

Attention, trinity owners! If you are contemplating giving your home an extreme makeover, give the designer or architect who redid this Bella Vista standalone trinity house for sale a call before you do anything else.

Unfortunately, the real estate agent marketing this true standout of a trinity didn’t bother to give them credit in her description of this property. Maybe she will share that information with me after she reads this. And if she does, come back to this feature to learn who it is.

Why does this matter? Because that designer turned this typical trinity into a house that can handle both everyday living and entertaining friends and relatives in style and comfort.

house for sale bella vista standalone trinity exterior rear

Exterior rear

For one thing, this trinity is unusually well endowed with outdoor space, for the rebuild added two decks on top of its trinity-sized rear patio.

house for sale bella vista standalone trinity kitchen


For another, it has a full kitchen that can also accommodate four diners. That’s the first space you encounter when you walk in the front door.

house for sale bella vista standalone trinity kitchen


And because the kitchen occupies the entire first floor, it also has abundant storage and counter space. It also has two sinks — one in the center island/dining table and the other next to the fridge.

house for sale bella vista standalone trinity pantry and laundry

Pantry and laundry

Beyond the fridge is a pantry and laundry, which means the kitchen also has lots of places to put things.

rear patio

Rear patio

The patio in back of it has enough room to accommodate a grill — and thanks to a loophole in the city fire code, you could even put a charcoal device like the smoker you see above on it.

Note also that the makeover replaced the trademark tight spiral staircase with a straight one, at least up to the second floor.

Living room

Living room

On that floor you will find the stylish living room. This former bedroom includes a built-in workstation for today’s work-from-home lifestyle as well as a media cabinet.

second-floor bathroom

Second-floor bathroom

Just off it lies the house’s full bathroom.

second-floor deck

Second-floor deck

And next to the bathroom, large French doors open out onto a covered deck.

bedroom deck

Bedroom deck

That cover is provided by the deck off the bedroom on the top floor.



The bedroom itself has enough room to accommodate a second work-from-home space, and it also contains a half bath.



This Bella Vista standalone trinity house for sale, then, is not only a true standout but also truly outstanding. And it’s also ideally situated close to just about everything you might want. You can walk to three supermarkets, a city-format Target and the Italian Market from here. Hawthorne Park, Palumbo Playground, Bardascino Park and several other small parks also lie within walking distance. And five SEPTA bus routes and the Broad Street Line can take you to more distant points.

If you’re a single person or a childless couple, this trinity has everything you could want in a home: room for relaxing, entertaining, and working, loads of places to put stuff, and something few other trinities have — lots of outdoor space. One more thing that makes it stand out: Its price, which is modest for a Bella Vista property — especially one that’s as nicely redone as this one.



BATHS: 1 full, 1 half


SALE PRICE: $330,000

OTHER STUFF: One of the other places where you can put stuff is in its unfinished basement, which already has shelves for the purpose. The full-height space could also be converted into additional living space.

1103 Hall St., Philadelphia, PA 19147 [Britt McLaughlin | She Moves Philly | Keller Williams Philadelphia]

Updated June 14, 5:11 p.m., to add information about the people who remade this trinity so thoughtfully: Its owners. They should seriously consider setting up their own interior design business.