These Are the 10 Most Affordable Homes in Francisville

Looking for a new place? You'll find plenty of them in this neighborhood where new and recently built homes abound.

Eight of the 10 homes on this list are 1- or 2-bedroom condos in newer buildings like this one on North 16th Street. | TREND image via Long & Foster Real Estate

Some years back, Francisville Neighborhood Development Corporation head Penelope Giles was quoted as saying one of the aims her organization had was to put William Penn’s vineyard on the map.

Another of its goals was to create an economically and ethnically diverse neighborhood where everyone could afford to live long and prosper.

If this week’s NeighborhoodX list of the 10 most affordable homes in Francisville is any guide, they’re doing a bang-up job of meeting that first goal, and maybe even the second one too.

The owner of the lowest-priced house in per-square-foot terms will certainly do well: that home, one of only two on this list that predate 2014, lists for $325,000, more than all but three homes on this list.

These homes range in size from 826 to 1,654 square feet. At the prices these are selling for, that makes most of them bargains (but don’t forget to factor in the condo fees on all but the two houses).

“The pricing for these properties ranges from $196 to $350 per square foot,” said Constantine Valhouli, director of Research for NeighborhoodX. That puts these homes at the lower end of the neighborhood’s overall price range, which runs from $154 to $604 per square foot.

With one exception, a well-loved older rowhouse on Vineyard Street, even the previously occupied homes look like new, and the one other older home has been completely renovated. This makes Francisville prime hunting grounds for an individual or couple looking to get started on the adventure that is homeownership, for maintenance shouldn’t be a problem with homes this young.